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Angulated DSI-Lock Attachment

DSI Angulated Lock attachments can be used for all kinds of overdentures and installed as all-on-4 or all-on-6. It can be used in any given clinical scenario which requires a partial or complete overdenture restoration. The tiny proportions make DSI lock attachments uniquely suitable for tight places with limited space. The vertical height above the gingiva including the silicone cap on the attachment is only 2.1mm. The lock attachments provide excellent stability and retention, outstanding aesthetics (thanks to the reduced size), and reduce the trauma for the patient as well as the healing process time. Angulated lock attachments allow overcoming implant divergence up to 90° between 2 implants for a perfect parallel alignment.

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DSI lock attachment's special low profile design implements outstanding capabilities of the masticatory forces distributed on the implants averting the excess stress on the surrounding tissues.‍ The attachment itself has an angle of 18° or 30° which boosts up thanks to the silicone inserts that allow pivoting movement of up to 15° for each side and 30° total for misalignment between the implant axis.

Product Details

DSI lock attachment designed specifically for restoration of difficult edentulous cases. It attains amazing results in partial and full dentures restorations. DSI lock attachments have a solid titanium body which provides outstanding biocompatibility. They are connected to the dentures through a smart silicone female insert system, which absorbs the chewing movements during everyday usage.

The silicone retention inserts are made highly resilient and flexible allowing pivoting movement. The titanium housing together with the elastic caps creates a rotational mechanism pivoting ability. It allows a divergence of up to 30° of the implants and a more significant area of contact between the cap and lock attachment itself.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 30-35 Ncm for the Lock attachments.

The kit includes 1 lock attachment, 1 silicone ring, 1 titanium housing, and 4 silicone caps of a different retention.

DSI lock attachment presented in regular platform standard internal hex connection 2.42mm.


• Internal hex connection is compatible with a major variety of implant brands.
• Available in 4 different collar heights.
• Full solid titanium body.
• Hygiene-friendly construction.
• Excellent biocompatibility.
• Ideal for use in in clinical situations with limited space
• Designed for easy placement
• Capable of correcting divergence between two implants up to 90 degrees
• The lowest vertical profiles available on the market today
• Extra resilient caps, will allow absorbing elevate masticatory forces without creating any damage to the implant

DSL-RP1810, DSL-RP1820, DSL-RP1830, DSL-RP1840: Angulated lock attachment 18°
DSL-RP3010, DSL-RP3020, DSL-RP3030, DSL-RP3040:
Angulated lock attachment 30°
PDSL-RP1810, PDSL-RP1820, PDSL-RP1830, PDSL-RP1840:
Angulated lock attachment 18° Kit
PDSL-RP3010, PDSL-RP3020, PDSL-RP3030, PDSL-RP3040:
Angulated lock attachment 30° Kit

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