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Straight Loc-In

DSI Loc-In attachment is very common in dental practice and used for a vast amount of cases of partial and fully edentulous cases. The Loc-In attachment is the perfect choice for overdentures and is usually installed as all-on-4 or all-on-6. Loc-In Attachment guarantees a secure fit between the implant. It minimizes micro-movements and provides an extremely tight marginal seal. Loc-In Attachment delivers exceptional stability and presents the greatest choice for a broad range of clinical cases. The Loc-In attachment is an effective, simple, and convenient solution for long-term usage. The Loc-In attachment is great for straight and implant parallel cases. Thanks to its large surface and stable structure it is much more stable and durable than other types of overdenture attachments.

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DSI Loc-In attachment brings stability and convenience into the everyday usage of overdentures. It is developed specifically for the restoration of complex edentulous cases. The results are amazing and yet predictable thanks to the flawless design of the Loc-In attachment. DSI Loc-In attachments has a solid titanium body which provides outstanding biocompatibility.

Product Details

Loc-In attachment's titanium housing and elastic retention inserts have great durability, thanks to the natural straight and steady attachment placement these silicone inserts have an increased "lifespan", compared to any other attachment on the market.

Loc-In attachment is a remarkable instrument and it maintains the dentures for a much longer period of time without replacing the attachments themselves. The maintenance could be done by a user at home, which is very convenient both for the patient and the doctor.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 30-35 Ncm for the Loc-In attachments.

The kit includes 1 loc-In attachment, 1 silicone ring, 1 titanium housing, and 4 silicone caps of a different retention.

*Narrow* - Narrow platform 2.0mm internal hex connection - for narrow implant 3.0mm
*Regular* - Regualr platfrom 2.42mm internal hex connection


• Internal hex connection is compatible with a major variety of implant brands.
• Available in different collar heights.
• Full solid titanium body.
• Hygiene-friendly construction.
• Excellent biocompatibility.
• Perfect choice for overdentures
• Designed for easy placement
• Long term survival of silicone inserts thank to a steady placement
• Guarantees a secure fit between with the implant
• Stable and durable for a long time

LI-SP10, LI-SP20, LI-SP30, LI-SP40, LI-SP50, LI-SP60: Loc-In attachment *Narrow*
LI-RP05, LI-RP10, LI-RP20, LI-RP30, LI-RP40, LI-RP50, LI-RP60:
Loc-In attachment *Regular*
Loc-In Attachment kit *Narrow*
Loc-In attachment kit *Regular*

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