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Gingiva Cuff Height Measure Kit

DSI Gingiva Cuff Height Measure Kit is designed especially in order to determine the tissue height above the implant while eliminating any mistakes that can occur when choosing the correct attachment for the restoration. DSI Gingiva Cuff Height Measure Kit tool is recommended to be used in all prosthetic selection procedures and it is compatible with all implants which have an internal or an external hex connection. The measuring tools have engraved color-coded millimeter measurements that could be read with great precision. Both of the tools give great results in measuring the heights of the tissue level, yet the stationary pin provides a little advantage in cases with limited space between two implants.

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DSI Gingiva Cuff Height Measure Kit is very useful in any dental clinic. This kit is very handy in a lot of different implantation cases, and it always delivers the best results.

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nstructions for use: First rotate the golden plate upwards until the tool I completely opened, then insert it into the implant, be aware that the pin should be fully seated on the top of the implant. Hold the tool firmly and rotate clockwise the golden plate until in contact with the ridge. After it is done just recover the tool and read the indicated cuff height on the color-coded rings. For implants with an internal hex connection, the cuff height will range from 0.5mm to 7.0mm. For implants with an external hex connection, the cuff height will range from 1.0 mm to 7.0 mm.

Kit includes:

Tool with threaded pin and ball indicator
Tool with stationary pin
Ring dispenser (20pcs silicone rings)


• Compatible with Nobel Branemark, Osstem, Astra, Dentium, Straumann, Zimmer, and more.
• Includes 5 popular connection types, and each driver comes in two lengths - short (23.5 mm) and long (30 mm).
• Can become very handy in a lot of different cases which can include different platforms from different manufacturers.
• Can be used directly with a handpiece, operated manually, or connected to a ratchet.
• Made of the highest quality stainless steel

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