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C&L Sinus Kit

The DSI C&L Sinus Kit has been specially designed to perform both crestal and lateral sinus lifting approaches. This kit contains a set of reamers that are suitable for both types of procedures, while also providing protection to the delicate sinus membrane. These reamers have been crafted in order to minimize the possibility of damaging this sensitive area. The Sinus Lateral Approach offers a solution for accessing the sinus wall by opening the lateral side wall. The result is a minimal flap size and a smaller window. The Sinus Crestal Approach includes reamers to get through the cortical bone without tearing the sinus membrane and make a perforation on the inferior wall without malleting or the osteotome technique.

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The crestal reamers are accompanied by aqua tips which were created to lift up the sinus membrane with liquid, undoubtedly the safest sinus-lifting technique. All the reamers in this kit, lateral and crestal come with stoppers which improve the accuracy and precision of your work, as well as increase the safety of the whole procedure for your patient.

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The DSI S&L Sinus Kit has been designed to guarantee the most efficient outcomes, without sacrificing patient safety or comfort. In fact, its purpose is to make the sinus-lifting process both swift and dependable, with no risk of complications. It saves chair time and delivers predictable results.

DSI S&L Sinus Kit is a system you and your patient can trust completely. All the tools are safe to use and do not harm in any way the sinus membrane which accelerates the healing process and the overall treatment time.

The instruments come in a special plastic polymer box with rigid rubber inserts and it is autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• A combined solution for crestal and lateral sinus lifting approaches
• The reamers are specially designed to prevent damage to the sinus membrane.
• Special aqua tips for lifting up the sinus membrane with liquid safely.
• All the reamers come with stoppers
• Made to deliver the best results without compromising the patient's comfort and safety.
• Saves chair time and provides predictable results.
• Minimally invasive for both lateral and crestal approaches.
• Compact and complete, with no need for extra tools or units.
• Easy and intuitive to use.
• Made from the highest quality materials.
• Completely autoclavable including the box that has been made using the highest quality plastic polymer.

SD-CL: Full kit
guide drill Ø2.0mm
SD-RM28, SD-RM33, SD-RM37: SD- Reamer Ø2.8, 3.3, 3.7mm
SDST-03, SDST-04, SDST-05, SDST-06, SDST-07, SDST-08: crestal stopper L (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm)
LAST-01, LAST-10, LAST-15, LAST-20, LAST-25: lateral stopper L (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm)
SDWRH-00: ratchet wrench
LASC-70: lateral side cutter Ø7.0mm
LACD-80: lateral core drill Ø8.0mm
LASR-80: lateral sinus reamer Ø8.0mm
CLS30, CLS35: crestal aqua tip Ø3.0, 3.5mm
SDADP-02: handpiece condenser
R.C EXT: ratchet extension
TOLA2-01, TOLA2-02, TOLA2-03: curette
MP-BP: bone packer
STB: silicone tube

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