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Tola-2 Sinus Lift Kit

DSI TOLA-2 Kit has been designed specifically for a lateral approach sinus lifting technique. The lateral sinus lifting approach is crucial in cases of severe bone resorption, not allowing standard implant placement or crestal approach to be done. The lateral approach provides access to the lateral sinus window and the Schneiderian membrane. It enables you to work inside the sinus membrane and prepare it for implantation. DSI TOLA-2 Kit ensures accurate and predictable results for your patient. All the tools in this kit are created with the highest attention to detail. For example, the reamers are made with a special non-sharp round top to prevent any damage to the sinus membrane. There are also stoppers for the reamers in order to give even more control and allow you to get the exact depth with the highest accuracy possible.

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The TOLA-01, -02, and -03 are curved end curettes that allow you to utilize the curved end to elevate the membrane while separating it from the boney surface working from the osseous window internally within the sinus. One end of the TOLA-01 is similar to the Widener with a rounded blunt end adding to the initiation of separation of the membrane from the bone. The TOLA-04 has a wide scoop at one end and is utilized to carry graft material to the elevated sinus and a condenser at the opposing end aids in compacting the graft into the areas needed.

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All the reamers and drills in this kit, come with stoppers which gradually improve the accuracy and precision of your work, as well as increase the safety of the whole procedure for your patient. DSI TOLA-2 is made to deliver the best results without compromising the patient's comfort and safety. Everything is done in order to make the sinus lifting procedure fast and reliable with no complications. It saves chair time and delivers predictable results. The sinus membrane first needs to be exposed with lateral drills and reamers. Once the initial elevation around the margin of the osseous window has occurred, further membrane elevation is performed with hand instruments along the floor and medial wall of the maxillary sinus. This is performed with four double-ended instruments – sinus curettes.

Kit includes:

LASC-50, LASC-70: lateral side cutter Ø5.0, 7.0mm
LACD-60, LACD-80:
lateral core drill Ø6.0, 8.0mm
LASD-R80, LASD-F80: lateral sinus drill Ø8.0mm
LASR-60, LASR-80: lateral sinus reamer: Ø6.0, 8.0mm
LAST-05, LAST-10, LAST-15, LAST-20, LAST-25: stoppers L (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5mm)
TOLA2-01, TOLA2-02, TOLA2-03, TOLA2-04: curettes

The instruments come in a special plastic polymer box with rigid rubber inserts and it is autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Unique stopper system that prevents over-drilling into the sinus cavity and damaging the membrane.
• Simple and intuitive surgical system.
• Minimally invasive lateral approach.
• Precise and predictable results with minimal effort.
• Compact and complete, with no need for additional tools or units.
• Safe for the patient, will not harm the membrane and will improve the healing process.
• It is made from the highest quality materials.

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