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Ridge Split Kit

The DSI Ridge Split Kit is an excellent tool for modifying bones for implantation processes efficiently. This technique involves ridge-splitting and chisel bone expansion, which allows dentists to form the insertion site of the implant without having to remove any bone from the surrounding area. Consequently, this kit provides a great solution for those seeking optimal results with minimal tissue damage. The maxillary bone has the advantage of being malleable, allowing it to be formed with the use of chisels. This permits a greater level of refinement in regard to the crest and apex bone around the implant. As a result, it provides superior-quality and bone stability for implants.

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The DSI Ridge Split Kit is a practical tool for crestal ridge augmentation before placing an implant. By using this kit, the need to wait for consolidation of graft can be avoided as an implant can instantly be inserted upon completion of the augmentation process. Chisels are utilized in this method, which aids in the manipulation of the bone material.

Product Details

The ridge-splitting chisels are made from the highest quality stainless steel. They are tough and very durable in order to be able to perform the procedure they are intended for. They will deliver the best results every time and will keep doing it for long.

The ridge-splitting chisels have several thicknesses from 1mm up to 2.5 mm and a curved chisel. The different blade thicknesses allow the use of the chisels in most narrow ridges. The blades are calibrated with score lines marked at 2mm increments.

The instruments come in a special plastic polymer box with rigid rubber inserts and it is autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Easy to follow the surgical sequence.
• Best results in increased bone density.
• Controllable and predictable procedure.
• Split and Expanded bone provides a sufficient supply of bone-forming cells for quicker integration.
• Initial implant stability by providing a larger space.
• Highest quality stainless steel.
• Extremely durable, made to last.

SD-RS: Full Chisel Kit
SCL-01, SCL-02, SCL-03, SCL-04: chisel wide 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm
curved chisel wide 1.0mm

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