DSI drilling kits

The osteotomy preparation is a paramount for the successful implant procedure. Our integral stopper drilling kits are optimized for tapered fixtures. Others are developed for reducing chair time with more convenient procedure.
All kits are autoclavable and drills are colour-coded. All drills and instruments are machined from corrosion-resistant, top-tier surgical stainless steel and feature standard connectivity.

Thirty perfectly balanced drills with an integrated stopper.
Lengths 6-13mm | Diameters 2.0-4.5mm.
Electro-polished. Non-coated.

Diamond-like carbon coated pre-stopped drills kit. Achieve exact desired osteotomy depth with safety and confidence.
Go black and never come back!

Stepped shape with apical and coronal part in different diameters that mimic the measures of conical taper implant. Perfect balance, no vibrations, no over-drilling mistakes.

Stay sharp with drill replacement kit - the most-used drill sizes that participate in almost every drilling protocol- from pilot to 4.6 (for 3.0-5.0 implants). Featuring a novel stepped design and DLC coating.

Stay sharp! This drill set contains the most popular initial drills that participate in almost every drilling protocol. Five stoppers are provided for safe drilling. Small and cost-effective solution.

Innovating One-drill system. A Unique and less invasive approach. Collect the bone while you drill.
As the result: less drilling, less bone waste, increased efficiency.

Used for immediate placement of implants in all post-extraction sites, regardless of the existence of a root septum. Improves primary implant stability and guarantees a predictable osseointegration

Never Lose Bone Collector. Autogenous Graft Harvesting Drill kit. Accurate point with micro drilling. Bone is collected into the stopper.

IPO Implant Positioning Kit : Free-hand implant placing, and prosthetic restoration planning. Precise and secure, without a surgical guide stent.

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