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Bone Multi System Kit

The DSI Bone Multi System Kit offers a useful solution in cases where either one implant or multiple implants need to be placed in the bone ridge. This kit features special drills designed specifically for widening bones that would typically be too narrow, enabling clinicians to insert the implants quickly and with minimal trauma. The resulting process is completed in just a few minutes and, thanks to its reliability, provides predictable outcomes. When multiple implants need to be implemented, the DSI Bone Multi System Kit stands out as the most viable option. The spreading pins ensure that the bone can expand evenly without any risk of complications during surgery. Compared to other bone spreading and expansion methods, this system is superior in terms of its efficiency, fastness, and minimal trauma for patients.

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All the instruments are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are designed with increased durability, and exceptional corrosion resistance, and deliver increased stability during the procedure. DSI Bone Multi System Kit is all you need for any bone expansion with the ability for several implant installation procedures.

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To use the kit correctly first, use the saw discs to split the bone marrow to allow the insertion of the split pins. After installing the pins gently rotate them one by one to get an even expansion. When the gap is ready insert the implants instead of the pins one by one. Never pull the pins all at once. When implants are in place add a bone graft material to fill the expanded area.

The kit also includes a ridge split chisel for high-density bone and overall more difficult procedures when increased force should be applied. The chisel is used for crestal ridge augmentation to increase bone support for implant insertion. It enables the insertion of an implant at the time of augmentation avoiding the delay to permit consolidation of a graft. The chisel can be used in conjunction with screw-type bone expanders to facilitate bone manipulation.

The instruments come in a special plastic polymer box with rigid rubber inserts and it is autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Safely and rapidly widen the narrow bone ridge.
• A unique system that allows you to insert several implants at once.
• Simple and intuitive surgical system.
• Precise and predictable results with minimal effort.
• Compact and complete, with no need for additional tools or units.
• Minimal trauma for simultaneous implant placement.
• Made from the highest quality materials.
• Saves chair time and effort.
• Thin solid spreading pins will make expanding properly and easily.
• The drills are color-coded.
• Reduces the overall treatment and healing time.
• Split and Expanded bone provides a sufficient supply of bone-forming cells for quicker integration.
• Initial implant stability by providing a larger space.

SD-BMS: Full kit
expander drill Ø1.8/2.5, 2.0/3.0, 2.5/3.5, 2.8/4.0, 3.0/4.5mm
handpiece condenser
guide drill
saw disk Ø7.0, 9.0mm
wrench adapter
spreading adapter
spreading pin
contouring bur Ø5.0mm
NLBC drill Ø5.0mm
stopper for NLBC drill
ratchet wrench
curved chisel

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