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Implant Removal Kit

The DSI Implant Removal Kit is an ingenious solution for extracting implants without resorting to invasive surgery. With this kit, you are able to remove a problematic implant without trephine or other methods that often take too much time and can harm the patient with additional trauma. This compact set of tools ensures that the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. The DSI Implant Removal Kit gives you an unparalleled advantage over other techniques available. This kit provides the necessary instruments for any implant removal, making it the perfect tool to remove misplaced or failed implants without surgical intervention. The atraumatic approach of this kit ensures fast and efficient results in any failed implant case.

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DSI Implant Removal Kit eliminates the necessity for surgical extraction, thus avoiding a lengthy healing process to replace an implant of the same diameter. There is no need to extract surrounding tissues, meaning there will be less trauma sustained in the removal procedure. In addition, once it has been properly cleaned and treated, a new implant can be inserted back into the socket.

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DSI Implant Removal Kit is perfect for those wishing to minimize pain and long-term healing processes, as well as avoid messy working conditions with the potential for inflammation and infection of the wound. DSI Implant Removal Kit is a more cost-effective, time-efficient, and convenient alternative.

The DSI Implant Removal Kit comes packaged in a durable plastic polymer container, complete with rubber inserts that stand up to autoclaving temperatures of 134° C. The specialized instruments it contains are designed to safely and effectively remove or replace implants placed in ill positions. This user-friendly kit provides effective solutions and successful outcomes.

The instruments come in a special plastic polymer box with rigid rubber inserts and it is autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.

Being a basic version of the SD-FSR kit, this one is very handy in different situations needed for implant extraction. If you are interested in a full and complete version of SD-FSR please click here.


• Both Osseo integrated implants and fractured implants are simply removed.
• No bone damage or trauma to patients.
• No need to use a trephine drill.
• Applicable to any type of implant with a screw hole.
• Capable to remove and replace the implant in an ill-positioned implant placement case.
• Removes failed implants without compromising surrounding bone or damaging neighboring structures.

SD-FR: Full kit
FRD-01: 2x implant remover screw Ø1.6/1.8mm
FRD-02: 2x implant remover screw Ø2.0/2.5mm
FRD-03: implant remover screw Narrow
RE-02: ratchet extension
SDADP-01: handpiece condencer
SDWRH-02: long wrench
TH-03: turning handle

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