DSI emergency solutions

No implant system is failure safe. With DSI fixture/screw removal kits, the surgery can be avoided. We have a solution for any situation and any implant platform.

Fixture Remover Kit. Used to remove failed implants or broken fixtures in safe and atraumatic way utilizing cold-weld phenomenon.
Supports all the most popular implant systems.

Premium All-in-One solution for implant fixture , cover screw and fixation screw removal in a simple and safe way. For a wide range of implant brands and platforms.

Capable of solving ill-positioned implant placement cases. Helps to remove broken screws without damaging the implant. Heavy-duty Tungsten Carbide tools.

Rhein83 Broken Screw Extraction Kit. Enables the extraction of the broken screw and the immediate placement of a new one. Can be pre-ordered for every implant platform.

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