DSI emergency solutions

No implant system is failure safe. With DSI fixture/screw removal kits, the surgery can be avoided. We have a solution for any situation and any implant platform.

Fixture Remover Kit. Used to remove failed implants or broken fixtures in safe and atraumatic way utilizing cold-weld phenomenon.
Supports all the most popular implant systems.

Premium All-in-One solution for implant fixture , cover screw and fixation screw removal in a simple and safe way. For a wide range of implant brands and platforms.

Capable of solving ill-positioned implant placement cases. Helps to remove broken screws without damaging the implant. Compact design for the surgeon on the go.

Rhein83 Broken Screw Extraction Kit. Enables the extraction of the broken screw and the immediate placement of a new one. Can be pre-ordered for every implant platform.

SOS Removal Kit offers a great advantage over other traditional methods when it comes to removing implants, screws, and other objects that are failing or misplaced.

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