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Broken Screw Emergency Extractor Kit

An abutment screw that breaks inside of an implant does not occur often, but unfortunately, when it does, it poses a serious problem. The traditional method would be to remove the whole implant by means of a surgical procedure. But then again this is not the most efficient technique and causes a lot of pain for the patient and a long healing process. The Broken Screw Extractor Kit enables the possibility to remove a broken screw from an implant if it has not been bonded or damaged during previous attempts to remove it. This kit is a lifesaver in such situations and allows the extraction of the screw with no need for implant extraction.

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The Broken Screw Extractor Kit includes two types of burs; a claw reamer bur and a reverse cutting bur. In addition, the kit includes manual and deep-centering devices to hold the burs in place during the procedure. No more painful procedures for the patient that follows up with a long-term healing process of bone and surrounding tissue, messy working conditions, and risk of inflammation and contamination of the wound.

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In 90% of cases, the broken screw can be removed easily with the claw reamer bur. However, if the broken screw is frozen in place, the reverse cutting bur must be used. Easy to handle and fits all major internal hex connection platforms.

This kit is the ultimate solution for broken screw extraction. It does not need any additional tools and does not need special knowledge. This is an easy-to-use comfortable for both you and your patient tool kit, that will save your chair time. This kit is made by Rhein83 - Italy and it is developed for an internal hex connection. If any other connection system is needed it can be made by ordering in advance.


• Saves time and money
• Completely harmless to the patient
• Easy and convenient to use
• Makes the extraction of the screw fast
• Enables saving the implant in place and just re-installing the screw
• Real lifesaver in a broken screw situations

RN680: Includes manual centering device (A), manual extractor, reverse cutting bur (C), claw reamer bur (B)

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