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Smart Surgical Kit

The DSI Smart Drills kit is made especially for DSI Smart Implant System and gives 100% compatibility with these implants. Yet thanks to their universality the smart drills are suitable for a large variety of DSI implants and compatible with internal-hex systems, such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, Implant Direct, MIS, and more. DSI Smart Drills are trephine drills and can be used for biopsies, or for harvesting bone in autogenous bone graft placement. Laser-marked score lines are very useful to determine the depth. The drills only touch at a single point at its apex preventing overheating or damage to the bone. Keeps an exact location and position to avert mistakes and bone loss. The combination of the drill and leading pin enables an accurate borehole in narrow ridges and difficult implant sites.

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The DLC coating is reducing the drill's vibration and the cutting temperature which gives them a great advantage over all other drills on the market. All the drills and parts in this kit including the box, are intended for reuse and could be sterilized in the autoclave.

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DSI Smart Drills are manufactured from top-quality surgical materials. There are no separate parts, it is made from a solid monoblock structure, embedded with DLC coating. The coating drastically increases the drill's durability and has extreme resistance to corrosion.

Smart Surgical Kit contains the next items:

P190: marking drill Ø1.9mm
coated pilot drill Ø2.0mm
coated cylindrical drill Ø2.8mm
drill extender
MM24220, MM24028:
motor mount driver Ø2.42 L (22, 28mm) for implants
2X leading pin
DR300, DR320, DR360, DR400, DR420:
smart drill Ø 2.8, 3.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.2mm

The drills come in a special plastic polymer box with rigid rubber inserts and it is autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.

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• Gives the ability to operate with significance, accuracy, and ease of use.
• Compatible with internal-hex systems, such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, Implant Direct, MIS, and more.
• Can be sterilized in an autoclave, including the plastic polymer box itself.
• Made for maximum accuracy, extremely high reliability, and excellent working capacity.
• Reaching the exact depth without any risk of going further with lesser drilling.
• Less heat generation, fewer vibrations, longer lifespan, and outstanding stability.
• Maximum corrosion resistance.
• Easily attachable and detachable.
• High contrast markings for increased visibility.
• Increased accuracy for drilling in proximity to vital structures.
• Reduced friction at the cutting site, thus decreasing tissue and bone necrosis and ensuring a faster and better recovery.
• Unique design and sharpness for minimal invasiveness and increased apex implant stability.

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Smart drills are made of the highest quality stainless steel embedded with a DLC coating. They are corrosion-resistant, with tremendous cutting force and exceptional reliability, durability, and predictability in results.