DSI surgical kits

DSI Dental Surgical kits are dentists best ally. Whether you are an experience clinician or just entering into the world of implants, we have solutions for everyone.
We believe the durability of the kits is just as important as the performance of our implants, so we never compromise it.

Basic Surgical Implant Kit with implant drills, basic drivers and ratchet. Kit is designed for your individual needs, light and compact. Being small, SK001 still provide the response for most scenarios.

Our Essential Kit is ergonomically designed for everyday implant surgeons needs, with an emphasis on the manual insertion. Includes regular and narrow platform adapters.

Large Surgical kit for experienced surgeons.
Answers the clinicians’ needs for multiple clinical scenarios and implant procedures.. Flexible kit with space for your favorite extra tools.

Designed to maximize efficiency and simplify surgical procedures. A color-coding system identifies drills for each implant diameter, allowing you to easily follow recommended surgical sequence, step-by-step.

Innovative kit for SMART Implant Drilling Protocol based on trephines with guide pins, rather than conventional drills.
As the result: less drilling, less bone waste, increased efficiency.

Our Biggest and newest Double-decker Kit. Designed with easy access to the surgical instruments for bone preparation and implant placement. in mind. Includes DLC Step&Stop Drills and two torque ratchets.

Made especially for use with one-piece compressive implants - MC/MCB and Root-shape. Ultra-sharp lance drills in two length versions for easy penetration of cortex. Less drilling, easier protocol, increased efficiency.

All-new Zygomatic Surgery Kit with easy-to-follow drilling protocol and all the tools needed for DS Zygo implant placement and mua loading. The surgical kit has an intuitive layout to guide the surgeon through the process.

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