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DSI Grip Ptery Surgical Kit

The DS-Grip Surgical kit is designed for basal implants and includes all the essential tools like osteotomes and surgical drills to create a path for the basal implants. It is especially designed kit that allows implant placement in the pterygoid bone. The main advantage of this kit is the special osteotome that creates a socket in the pterygoid bone for immediate implantation. Designed for usage right after drilling with a pilot drill. The osteotome is inserted into the posterior region of the atrophic maxilla and helps pass the cortical bone and reach the pterygoid bone. A perfect tool for placing basal implants.

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The kit includes a long cylindrical drill that is made with the highest durability and delivers exceptional functionality. This kit includes high-end surgical tools and is designed in a very specific manner for basal implant installation. With the help of a surgical screwdriver, torque ratchet, or motor mount drivers, the implant can be efficiently and accurately placed. The set of drivers of your choice (manual or contra-angle) makes it easy to attach the appropriate prosthetic components to the DS-Grip implant. With this kit, you can confidently perform arch maxillary surgery at cortical or pterygoid bone with predictable results.

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The drills have outstanding cutting power, exceptional corrosion resistance, and superior reliability and durability. All the items in the kit could be sterilized in an autoclave including the box. This is an all-in-one kit and does not require additional instruments, units, or tools in order to prepare the socket.

DSI drills are coated with a special DLC coating which gives them a great advantage over the regular drills. The vibration levels are significantly reduced compared to any standard drill. They work smoothly, with minimal heat generation. Less temperature increases the drill's lifespan and lowers bone heating, and as a result- no bone necrosis peril occurs. All of that gives better stability for an implant a lesser risk for abruption and a better healing process for the patient.

Because the DSI Grip-implant is available in two types; one is under 20mm and another is over 20 mm. Each of these implants requires different installation protocols for different types of bones. DSI Grip-Surgical kit gives a solution for both of these protocols and allows installation of standard DSI implants up to 4.2mm in diameter as well.


• Made of the highest quality surgical stainless steel.
• Manufactured on the latest generation of high-precision CNC machines.
• Completely compatible with DSI GRIP implants.
• Standard drills are embedded with Dark Grey coating, with outstanding corrosion resistance and exceptional durability.
• Minimum Drill/Bone heat generation, low vibration, controlled and precise work with confidence.
• Special length marks that stay visible even in the harshest conditions.
• The complete kit does not require additional units.
• Special osteotomes that helps to get to the pterygoid bone.

SK-DSY: DSI Grip surgical Full Kit
GYPD200L25C: Pilot drill DLC Ø2.0mm L 25mm
GYCD2032L25C: Conical Drill Ø2.0-3.0mm L 25mm
GYTD320L43: Long Twist Drill Ø3.2mm L 43mm
RDK24250: Implant Ratchet Driver Ø2.42mm L 25mm
MM24028: Implant Motor Mount Driver Ø2.42mm L 28mm
RDK125250: Prosthetic Ratchet Driver Ø1.25mm L 25mm
MM12528: Prosthetic Motor Mount Driver Ø1.25mm L 28mm
HDK125250: Prosthetic Manual Driver Ø1.25mm L 25mm
DNP200: Pilot Drill DLC Ø2.0mm L 16mm
SD2028L16C: Step Drill DLC Ø2.0x2.8mm L 16mm
SD2832L16C: Step Drill DLC Ø2.8x3.2mm L 16mm
SD32365L16C: Step Drill DLC Ø3.2x3.65mm L 16mm
TDE: Drill Extender
DS-X200: Osteotome Ø2.0mm L 155mm
DS-X300: Osteotome Ø3.0mm L 155mm
RHD: Surgical Driver Handle Ø6.35mm L 175mm
1000201: Torque Ratchet Wrench Ø6.35mm Torque 10-35 Ncm

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