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DSI Implant Motor

The DSI Implant Motor is an essential tool in the field of dentistry, especially for placing dental implants. This indispensable device boasts a combination of convenience, performance, security, and precision - all in one user-friendly package. Its perfectly balanced mechanism ensures that any dentist can use it with confidence for optimal results every time. A great variety of capabilities are associated with DSI Implant Motor. Starting with basic means, such as managing torque and speed, having a reverse option, and featuring an LED light, it progresses to more inventive features like a Peristaltic pump offering fast tube adjustment/replacement technology, high-tech brushless motor with electronic control, and beyond.

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The DSI Mini-Motor is an impressive piece of engineering, designed and crafted in Italy. This equipment demonstrates excellent performance in terms of torque, safety, accuracy, and convenience when used with any type of implant system. Renowned for its superior quality, it surely stands out from the competition when it comes to features and usability.

Product Details

The DSI Mini Implant motor was created with convenience in mind, being noticeably small and compact. Despite its size, it is a tough piece of machinery that can generate extreme torque and power during any procedure. Additionally, this mini motor's low vibration levels create an environment of peace and quiet so you can be assured that precision and accuracy are the main focus of your task.

DSI Implant Motor handpiece is a state of art ergonomically designed instrument. This handpiece is not only made to get the job done it is also very handy and comfortable. It is a technological marvel that is accompanied by the best motor in the industry. You will always get the best results by working with DSI Mini Implant Motor.

Technical specification:
•Power supply: 230 V–115 V; 50/60 Hz.
• Absorbed power: 109 VA.
• Torque: Max 80 Ncm (32:1),  70 Ncm (20:1).
• Speed: 400-40000 rpm (1:1).
• Insulation: Class I, Type BF.
• Peristaltic pump Max Irrigation: 90 ml/min.
• Settable Programs: 10.


• Newest generation brushless motor with electronic control.
• Precise speed adjustment up to 40,000 rpm.
• Differential Torque up to 80Ncm.
• Extended lifespan for all the parts that need to pass sterilization cycles: motor/cable/connector.
• Peristaltic pump with a fast tube adjustment/replacement technology.
• Foot pedal with a full-function control: speed, reverse, pump, and program switch.
• Attractive price/performance ratio.

MUCL: DSI implant motor LED
DS-SG20L: handpiece (20:1 reduction) optic

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