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Osteotome S-Kit

Made with precision and control in mind, DSI Osteotome S-Kit provides a range of concave osteotomes of assorted diameters which are purpose-built for implant placement within the softer maxillary bone. Utilizing these devices, you can compress bone without sacrificing any material in order to form a denser bond between bone and implant. Furthermore, the concave osteotomes allow for the raising of mucous membranes to provide security for implants while giving exceptional tactile knowledge as to understand bone quality. This ensures that a steady amount of augmentation is placed on the sinus floor so that it keeps the implant firmly fitted.

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The DSI Osteotome S-Kit delivers concave osteotome instruments that can be utilized to expand the apical floor of a particular osteotomy. In opposition to rotary tools, osteotomes are advantageous in that they do not produce any heat during their use. This quality prevents any harm from being caused to the sinus membrane which ultimately speeds up the healing process and causes less discomfort for the patient.

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The concave osteotomes are great with bone graft delivery, thanks to the cupped shape they can push and form a graft material in the cavity without using additional instruments. DSI Osteotome S-Kit includes stoppers, that will guarantee you the precise right depth in every procedure.

DSI Concave osteotomes are surgical instruments that can be used effectively to enhance the placement of dental implants. These osteotomes break the floor of the maxillary sinus through the implant cavity and adjust the bone formation.

The instruments come in a special plastic polymer box with rigid rubber inserts and it is autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Minimally invasive thanks to the special stoppers.
• Precise and accurate for every procedure.
• Easy to use yet great results achieved.
• Safe for the patient.
• Reducing overall chair time.
• Designed specifically for difficult cases to compress the bone.
• Made of high-quality stainless steel.

S-20, S-25, S-30, S-35, S-40: concave osteotome pin Ø 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0mm
STD02, STD03, STD04, STD05, STD06:
stoppers L (2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm)

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