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Megatron Kit

DSI Megatron is a complex and completely universal kit that includes all the necessary instruments to perform lateral & crestal sinus lifting in addition to manipulating narrow bone ridge expansion. It also includes implant positioning guides for simplified precise freehand implant placement. This kit is designed in collaboration with professional maxillofacial surgeons and specialists in implantology. It can be used for lateral and crestal sinus approaches and all the items for all those procedures are included in one kit. It means that instead of using and sterilizing 3 or sometimes even 4 different kits for each of those procedures, you do it once. DSI Megatron saves an enormous amount of time and it is the most cost-effective set of tools on the market.

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DSI Megatron instruments are carefully selected and designed to grant you with the most universal solution. With it, you will not need any additional units or instruments. It is very easy to handle, store, and work with and it gives endless possibilities for implantation in any conditions and harsh situations.

Product Details

DSI Megatron is a combination of the most popular DSI kits and it is optimized for solving common problems during implantation. DSI Megatron has all the necessary instruments to perform both crestal and lateral sinus lifting approaches. It includes reamers that are designed to prevent damage to the sinus membrane both in lateral and crestal approaches. The lateral approach offers to access the sinus wall by opening the lateral side window. The result is a minimal flap size and a smaller window than conventional techniques. The crestal approach includes reamers to get through the cortical bone without tearing the sinus membrane and make a perforation on the inferior wall without malleting or the osteotome technique. All the sinus lifting tools are designed to be safe and cause as little as possible trauma to the patient.

DSI Megatron includes bone-spreading drills that manage to complete the expansion of the ridge and drill a socket fast and easily. That way the procedure is done in only a few minutes with minimal trauma and predictable results. The drills are made with diameters that are compatible with most implant platforms on the market. These drills enable you to perform bone expansion and immediate implant insertion.

DSI Megatron comes with special implant guides that are used for simplified precise freehand implant placement without a surgical guide or any additional tools or instruments. The technique is very simple intuitive and effective, not to mention that it is accurate and precise, giving the most predictable results. An innovative design allows for quick and easy centering, directing, and spacing for single or multiple (adjacent) implant placement.

DSI Megatron kit can be used for:

• Safe Crestal & lateral sinus membrane lifting
• Sinus bone augmentation
• Immediate loading and two-stage implantation
• Single and multi-implant placement
• Bone ridge expansion and immediate implant placement
• Sinus membrane manipulation
• Augmentation and reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge.
• Extraction socket manipulation
• Preservation of the alveolar ridge.
• Guided and precise implant placement
• Parallel implantation for multi-unit systems
• Safe expansion without breaking the buccal plate.
• Ridge splitting without a mallet.
• Achieving strong initial stability at ridge split operations, for immediate loading.
• Implant positioning and prosthetic parts planning without a surgical guide.

The instruments come in a special plastic polymer box with rigid rubber inserts and it is autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• A universal kit that includes all the necessary instruments with no need for extra tools or units.
• One complete kit instead of 3 or 4 different units.
• Saves an enormous amount of chair and sterilization time and it is the most cost-effective.
• Gives endless possibilities for implantation in any condition.
• Used for simplified precise freehand implant placement without a surgical guide.
• Accurate and precise implant placement.
• An innovative design allows for quick and easy centering.
• Can be used for single or several implants.
• Precise and predictable results with minimal effort.
• Made of the highest quality stainless steel and have extreme durability.
• Safely and rapidly widen the narrow bone ridge.
• Reduces the overall treatment and healing time.
• Increase the initial implant stability by providing a larger space.
• A combined solution for crestal and lateral sinus lifting approaches.
• The reamers are specially designed to prevent damage to the sinus membrane.
• Made to deliver the best results without compromising the patient's comfort and safety.
• Completely autoclavable including the box that has been made using the highest quality plastic polymer.

SD-MGTR: Full Kit
guide drill Ø2.0mm
SD-RM33, SD-RM37: SD-reamer Ø3.3, 3.7mm
SDADP-01: handpiece condencer
LASC-70: side cutter Ø7.0mm
LASR-60, LASR-80: sinus reamer Ø6.0, 8.0mm
LAR-R80, LAR-F80: sinus reamer Ø8.0mm
LAC-60: side cutter Ø6.0mm
LAD-80: sinus drill Ø8.0mm
SDEXP-01, SDEXP-02, SDEXP-03, SDEXP-04, SDEXP-05: expander drill Ø(1.8/2.5mm), (2.0/3.0mm), (2.5/3.5mm), (2.8/4.0mm), (3.0/4.5mm)
SDST-03, SDST-04, SDST-05, SDST-06, SDST-07, SDST-08: stopper  L 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm
SDSAW-09, SDSAW-11: saw disc Ø9.0, 11.0mm
SDWRH-00: ratchet wrench
P-DR20: positioning drill Ø2.0mm
PG-060, PG-075, PG-090, PG-105: positioning guide Ø6.0, 7.5, 9.0, 10.5mm
GP-060, GP-075, GP-090, GP-105: 2x guide pin each size Ø6.0, 7.5, 9.0, 10.5mm
SCL-05: Chisel curved wide 1.0mm
TOLA2-01, TOLA2-02, TOLA2-03, TOLA2-04: curretes

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