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Zenoss Matrix Bio

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is a natural acellular membrane matrix engineered from highly purified Collagen that offers a safe alternative to autologous tissue transplantation. DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is made without artificial cross-linking or additional chemical treatment. Fully resorbable with a sustained resorption time of 5 to 6 months. Guides the healing and regeneration of bone and surrounding tissue. Unique fiber orientation provides high tensile strength for in situ stability of membrane cell occlusive, designed to prevent epithelium down growth. DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ supports revascularization, and fast soft tissue integration and is a valid alternative for patients' own soft or connective tissue grafts.

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The DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is a collagen tissue matrix from bovine sources. It is cleaned by a special method that eliminates all possible elements that may cause rejection of the human body. This careful process ensures the highest quality of the material for use in medical applications.

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DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is non-immunogenic and inert, delivering a complete absence of a pronounced inflammatory response. The membrane is not antigenic and is highly biocompatible. It prevents the proliferation and migration of the epithelium and creates optimal conditions for GBR procedures. It can be highly hydrated and moisten rapidly which allows excellent tissue adherence and better wound healing. It will hold the blood clot without structural changes. DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ activates with the assistance of the patient‘s blood that infiltrates the matrix graft through the three-dimensional soft tissue network. It brings the host cells to the soft tissue graft surface and starts the revascularization process.

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ has a high biocompatibility with soft tissues, low antigenicity, and is not immunogenic. This allows it to be used as a coating for wound surfaces for isolation from environmental factors and the likelihood of secondary infection. Unlike regular membranes, this special membrane has a thickness of 1.5mm which makes it three times thicker than normal. Furthermore, when submerged in saline, the membrane can increase its initial size by twice providing a great solution for replacing soft tissues. The material perfectly absorbs blood and reliably keeps the blood clot without changing its structure, which has a positive effect on wound healing and soft tissue repair.

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is irreplaceable for:

• Gingival recession coverage
• Gain of keratinized tissue
• Soft tissue ridge augmentation
• Exposed root coverage
• Filling of defects after the removal of cysts
• Soft tissue grafting with GBR/GTR technique
• As a stabilizer of the clot
DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is also available in a plug form, making it ideal to use in post extraction sites


• Natural collagen matrix.
• Rapid rehydration.
• Easy handling, application, and fixation.
• Complete remodeling into patient‘s own tissue in 3-6 months.
• Soft tissue graft without the need for autograft harvesting.
• Longer resorption time, for sustained function in bone repair.
• Higher mechanical strength for membrane stabilization.
• Each piece can be easily trimmed during surgery for a final fit.
• May be placed on either side against the tissue or bone.
• Highly purified collagen is derived from bovine tissue.
• High in mechanical strength and structural integrity for easy handling.
• Highly biocompatible.
• Permeable to macromolecules and nutrients while creating an effective barrier to epithelial cells.
• Conformable and repositionable for precise adjustment and placement.
• Terminally sterilized and ready for use following brief hydration.

DS-ZMP08: Plug Small Ø8.0 mm
DS-ZMP12: Plug Medium Ø12.0 mm
DS-ZMP10: Membrane Small 10x30mm
DS-ZMP15: Membrane Medium 15x20mm
DS-ZMP20: Membrane Large 20x30mm

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