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DSI Alyoss is the highest quality allograft bone material. It is a composition of a blend of cortical and cancellous bone and is presented in a convenient, ready-to-use syringe. DSI Alyoss is Completely safe and the high quality of the bone is ensured by numerous treatment sequences and exceptional measures. DSI Alyoss may be used on its own or mixed with an autogenous bone in order to increase the osteoinductive properties of the graft. DSI Alyoss is a viable alternative to using an autogenous graft from the patient, bringing a number of significant benefits. No need for a second surgery, along with potential complications and infections, postoperative pain, additional anesthesia, and a longer healing process.

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The unique combination of the cell structure of DSI Alyoss bone graft material is irreplaceable in sinus lifting procedures. DSI Alyoss allows more adjustment and more precision in the sinus area. It is completely biocompatible compared to other materials and the healing process is done in a faster and more predictable manner.

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DSI Alyoss is harvested from sections of the ilium and ground into several particulate sizes, resulting in a unique mix. This blend of the cancellous bone’s porous architecture supplies a scaffold, promoting osteoconduction and accelerating revascularization. All of that is done while the cortical element provides a lamellar structure, possessing density and strength similar to that of the patient's own bone. DSI Alyoss bone material comes as a ready-to-use solution in a syringe. It makes it more convenient and accurate to work with for filling the maxillary sinus during the sinus lift and performing other surgical bone procedures.

Only EU-registered tissue banks are used as a source, where virtually all the donors undergo stringent screening and extensive tests before being accepted into the banks. After that, the bone is processed into DBM (Demineralized Bone Matrix) to expose osteoinductive growth factors in highly innovative facilities under an aseptic technique to avoid any possible cross-contamination and to meet strict release standards. The last step of the production is gamma sterilization to deliver a clinically effective product, neutral to the immune reactions of the host.


• Convenient handling
• Only qualified donors from EU-registered tissue banks after a rigorous screening
• Promoting osteoconduction and accelerating revascularization
• Similar to that of the patient's own bone
• Gamma sterilized
• May be used on its own or mixed with an autogenous bone
• Cortical and cancellous blend
• Excellent clinical results
• Top-quality
• Safe and reliable
• Highly biocompatible
• No immunogenic reaction
• The rapid growth of the new bone

AG25: Alyoss bone graft in syringe 0.25cc
AG50: Alyoss bone graft in syringe 0.5cc
AG100: Alyoss bone graft in syringe 1.0cc

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