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Syntoss Plus

DSI Syntoss Plus is a synthetic bone graft composed material of biocompatible calcium phosphate. This material molecular structure mimics the natural bone, chemically bonds to it, and facilitates perfect osseointegration and new bone formation. DSI Syntoss Plus bone graft material can be used in any bone defects and ridges and surgical bone manipulation procedures. DSI Syntoss Plus is bioresorbable and has no antigen-antibody reaction. DSI Syntoss Plus bone graft is a calcium-based substance and it is particularly suited for any surgical bone grafting procedure thanks to its exceptional biocompatibility and osseointegration. DSI Syntoss Plus has no risk of cross-contamination and comes in a syringe.

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DSI Syntoss Plus eliminates the need for donor grafts and bovine scaffolds. DSI Bone Graft material is used as a filler and scaffold. It facilitates bone formation and promotes wound healing. It is bioresorbable and has no antigen-antibody reaction. DSI Syntoss artificial bone is biologically active, hypoallergenic, and has no counter-indications.

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DSI Syntoss Plus is used as osteoplastic material, for the optimization of bone regeneration and maxillofacial surgery, as well as in traumatology and orthopedics. It consists of granules of β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) coated with a thin shell of biodegradable copolymer named polylactide-glycolide and the cosolvent. After mixing the granules with the solvent, they stick together, forming a material with a high micro-and intergranular porosity, which can be used directly from the syringe. DSI Syntoss Plus is completely resorbed within 9-15 months.

DSI Syntoss Plus is perfect for:
Parodontics - filling two-or multi-bone pockets and bi-and tri-furcations of the teeth, augmentation of the atrophied sinus.
Implantology - sinus lifting or sub-antral augmentation, filling of alveolar defects for supporting of sinus base after the tooth extraction, filling the extraction defects in order to create the basis for the implant.
Cyst defects - Defects after extirpation of the bone cyst, defects after resection of the root apex, and defects after removal of impacted teeth surgically, as well as other multigrid bone defects of the alveolar processes and facial bones.

Syntoss Plus is a highly purified material that comes in easy-to-use pre-filled syringes. Its unique micro-porous structure allows the granules to be immediately penetrated by blood once the material sets. Syntoss Plus can be used for an immediate extraction socket filling. Syntoss Plus comes in granules of tricalcium phosphate (TCP) coated with a thin shell of biodegradable co-polymer named polylactide glycolide and a co-solvent.


• No risk of cross-contamination
• Exceptional biocompatibility and osseointegration
• Radiopaque
• Suited for any surgical bone grafting procedure
• Completely Resorbable
• Has no antigen-antibody reaction
• Biologically active, hypoallergenic
• Mimics the natural bone

BG47075: Bone Graft Syringe 0.5cc & Solvent Syringe 0.25cc

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