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Zenoss Bone Ring

DSI Zenoss Ring The Bone ring is an innovative solution for single-stage three-dimensional bone augmentation and implant placement. The ring allows immediate implant placement and bone augmentation in one step. It does not require a second surgical procedure and that way it drastically reduces the treatment time and the restoration time by at least several months. Not only it saves your time it is also a lot better and much more acceptable for the patient than the regular two-staged protocol. There is no need for additional fixation screws because the implant fixates the bone ring in place. It can be used for different restoration procedures but the best results are seen in single-tooth restoration.

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Thanks to a special purification process DSI Zenoss Bone Ring is completely safe for the patient and preserves the advantages of any other bone graft material. Using DSI Zenoss Bone Ring can be a reliable alternative to autogenous bone harvesting and alveolar ridge augmentation. It is more definitive for the patient and saves a great amount of chair time.

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DSI Zenoss Bone Ring rapidly integrates into bone material. After implantation, the bone ring is continuously remodeled into the patient's own bone. The full healing time takes 6-8 months and can be used in almost all surgical bone restorations. Including large 4-, 3-, 2-, and one-wall defects, as well as vertical augmentation procedures, including sinus lifting. DSI Zenoss Bone Ring helps to achieve stable implantation with a long-term predictable and aesthetic outcome.

DSI Zenoss Bone Ring technique utilized a prefabricated ring of bovine bone that is fixated in a single-stage procedure in order to successfully stabilize the implant. DSI Zenoss Bone Ring can be used with special instruments in order to get the best possible results. The implantation site can be prepared with a trephine drill of a corresponding diameter to ensure precise contact between the Zenoss ring and a patient's bone. Using this technique will ensure a secure fit between the ring and the bone and eliminate unwanted graft motion. The internal diameter of the Zenoss rings corresponds to either a 3.3-3.5 or 4.0-4.2 diameter implant, which is secured in the apical bone, providing additional stability to the complex.


• Predictable bone augmentation
• No need to harvest bone, so the associated risk of infection, donor-site morbidity and pain can be avoided
• Improved initial implant stability
• Successful in ridge defects, effective in sinus floor elevations
• Reduces the overall number of procedures and a treatment time is reduced for a gratifying patient acceptance

ZGR33160: Bone Ring 3.0-3.5 mm Ø 6.0 /H 10.0mm,1 pcs in vial
Bone Ring 3.3-3.75 mm Ø7.0 /H 10.0mm, 1 pcs in vial
Bone Ring 4.0-4.5 mm Ø7.0 /H 10.0mm, 1 pcs in vial
Bone Ring Holder
Trephine Bur 8.0mm with Guide
Trephine Bur 7.0mm with Guide
Special Reamer for Bone Ring

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