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Sponge Graft

DSI Sponge Graft is an innovative product that is presented as a plug impregnated with bone graft material, offering an effortless option to fix defects while avoiding any potential risks of membrane dislodgement or particulate washout. DSI Sponge Graft creates a simple alternative to allograft and membrane techniques. Using DSI Sponge Graft is a cost-effective and simple way of carrying out bone grafting operations. It is especially suited to situations following an atraumatic extraction, where all walls remain intact. DSI Sponge Graft proves invaluable as it eliminates the need for any membranes and forms its own membrane to expedite healing while also containing cell migration.

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The DSI Sponge Graft offers a highly effective alternative to traditional socket preservation following a tooth extraction, minimizing the risk of infections and washouts. This special design fits perfectly into the socket during the procedure, encouraging bone growth strong enough for implant installation in just 12-14 weeks.

Product Details

DSI Sponge Graft is an innovative biomaterial that has a unique dual composition. Specifically, it consists of pure bovine collagen and a mixture of calcium phosphate/hydroxyapatite. This distinctive makeup allows the graft to closely resemble natural bone as well as promote effective healing and osseointegration in the area surrounding an extraction socket. The collagen element provides biological cues for wound healing while the mineral element contributes primary stability with slow and complete resorption occurring over time within the operated zone. Additionally, DSI Sponge Graft is able to conform perfectly within post-extraction cavities without any pre-rehydration needed. Trimming or shaping can be accomplished with ease when necessary.

DSI Sponge ZenGraft is a two-phase composition of bovine tendon collagen type I, impregnated with deproteinized bovine xenograft. It promotes revascularization and stabilizes blood clots, while collagen provides high particle adhesion. Both DSI Sponge Graft and Zengraft have superb physical characteristics which makes them the ideal materials to use for repairing all kinds of bone defects. These are a one-step solution that will turn bone grafting into a predictable and simple procedure and optimize treatment outcomes.

Can be used for:
• Periodontal and general maxillofacial surgery procedures.
• Placed in extraction sockets prior to the insertion of dental implants.
• Repair of intrabony defects and ridge preservation.
• Sinus Augmentation.
• Wound healing post-dental implant surgery.
• Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) procedures


• Graft washout is eliminated
• Seals up the bleeding tissues immediately
• Simple adaptation in the area of the defect
• Volume maintenance and prevention of tissue collapse
• Reducing the need for further augmentative procedures
• Improving the aesthetic result of the final restorations
• Unique one-step solution for bone grafting procedures
• Predictable outcome
• Fast healing
• Optimal shape for easy placement
• Slow absorption
• Convenient handling
• Similar to natural bone structure

DS-SG1020: Sponge Graft in individual blister, 5 pcs
DS-ZG1020: ZenGraft in individual blister,5 pcs
SGTOOL: Spong graft Dedicated Tool

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