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Zenoss Bio Membrane

DSI Zenoss Membrane offers a cell-occlusive, stabilizing matrix that promotes healing by harnessing the body’s natural tendency to regrow vascular connective tissue. An easy-to-use, cohesive, and quick-rehydrating collagen membrane that protects the healing environment over a slow absorption that lasts between 3-4 months. DSI Zenoss Membrane is flexible, sterile, and easy to use. The material does not tear off, it is flexible, and nonslippery when wet. It does not contain antigenic factors and does not cause an immune reaction. DSI Zenoss Membrane is made from highly purified type I bovine tendon collagen and is 100% sterile. DSI Zenoss Membrane covers the bone area with a dense film and prevents any cell and soft tissue migration into it.

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DSI Zenoss Membrane is a unique combination of biocompatibility, extended barrier function, membrane integrity, handling options, and complete resorbability. It preserves the barrier function in tissue regeneration and features the desired properties of an effective barrier membrane for GBR and GTR procedures of all kinds.

Product Details

DSI Zenoss Membrane is a type I collagen containing no additional cross-linking agents. The membrane is highly biocompatible, preventing proliferation and migration of the epithelium, and creating optimal conditions for guided bone regeneration. The special structure of the collagen can safely close the bone defect and it is completely resorbed without fibrous degeneration. Thanks to a longer degradation time of 3-4 months it can fit the healing time required in most GBR procedures. It is resistant to a substantial variety of bacteria and it helps to keep the wound sterile, because of its natural ability to fight infection.‍

DSI Zenoss Membrane has an outstanding clinical performance and demonstrates exceptional results and surgical efficiency. It can be trimmed, cut, and shaped which improves the convenience and simplicity of use. Completely sterile, biocompatible, and delivers predictable results.

DSI Zenoss Membrane is perfect for:

• Implantation of defects in the bone tissue
• Restoration of congenital and acquired defects of bone and soft tissues
• Sinus-lifting
• Cystectomy Periodontitis (minimally invasive methods of treatment and reconstructive surgery
• Resection of the root apex
• Filling of defects after the removal of cysts
• Closure of perforations of the maxillary sinus
• Closure of perforation of the lower-jaw canal removal of the tooth
• As a stabilizer of the clot


• Excellent biocompatibility
• Low antigenicity
• Easy to handle
• Predictable resorption time
• Stabilization of the blood clot
• High mechanical strength
• Space maintenance
• Strong, reliable barrier

ZM780410: Small, 15x15mm
Medium, 25x25mm
Large, 30x40mm

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