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Syntoss Pure

DSI Syntoss Pure is based on mineral-polymer granules of optimal porosity, morphology, and architectonics, which accelerates the integration of the implant with bone tissue. This unique bone graft material is manufactured in a lab and made of 100% β-tricalcium phosphate in polylactide glycolide matrix. The main advantage of DSI Syntoss Pure over other bone grafts material is its speed. Being 100% "Pure" β-tricalcium phosphate allows rapid bone osseointegration. The graft material is completely resorbed in 6-8 months. This material is especially useful for immediate loadings and early stages of implantation. DSI Syntoss Pure is a very successful synthetic bone graft material that mimics and resembles human bone scaffolding.

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DSI Syntoss Pure eliminates the need for donor grafts and bovine scaffolds. It is particularly suited for any surgical bone grafting procedure thanks to its exceptional biocompatibility and osseointegration. DSI Syntoss has no risk of cross-contamination. DSI Syntoss Pure Bone Graft material is used as a filler and scaffold.

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DSI Syntoss Pure is a synthetic bone graft material composed of biocompatible 100% β-tricalcium phosphate. This material molecular structure mimics the natural bone, chemically bonds to it, and facilitates perfect osseointegration and new bone formation. DSI Syntoss Pure bone graft material can be used in any bone defects and ridges and surgical bone manipulation procedures. It is bioresorbable and has no antigen-antibody reaction.

DSI Syntoss Pure is designed specially to substitute the missing bone and accelerate the growth of new bone tissue. It can be used in any surgical, implantation, GBR, and sinus lifting procedures that require fast healing and bone formation. DSI Syntoss Pure is a highly porous biocompatible bone graft material that delivers the best results in any bone implantation procedure. DSI Syntoss is completely absorbed in 6 to 8 months. The granules dissolve in parallel with the bone regeneration.


• No risk of cross-contamination
• Exceptional biocompatibility and osseointegration
• Radiopaque
• Suited for any surgical bone grafting procedure
• Completely Resorbable
• Has no antigen-antibody reaction
• Biologically active, hypoallergenic
• Mimics the natural bone
• 100% β-tricalcium phosphate in a polylactide glycolide matrix
• Allows rapid bone osseointegration and new bone formation

BG97705: Pure Granules 0.5cc, Bits in vial

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