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Silver Sponge

DSI Silver Sponge is a gelatin base collagen sponge with an addition of 5% colloidal silver. It grants excellent absorption features that enable it to be used in surgical procedures as an effective hemostatic measure. DSI Silver Sponge efficiently controls bleeding due to its even and smooth foam structure. The sponge can absorb liquids in great volume that is several times over its own weight. The addition of colloidal silver has an antimicrobial effect and do not reject by the body. Unlike many other bacteriocide substances, silver from DSI Silver Sponge does not wash away, so the last-lasting depot effect with continuous silver ions release is achieved. DSI Silver Sponge completely absorbs in 3-4 weeks after the insertion.

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DSI Silver Sponge can be adjusted as you need it to and can fit every wound size by cutting the sponge. Therefore, it is very simple and convenient to use and the protection of the wound greatly increases. It facilitates optimum wound treatment when applied to a surgical cavity and prevents the formation of fissures and secondary cavities.

Product Details

DSI Silver Sponge is supplied gamma-sterilized in a sterile blister package of 24pcs. The second option is the bulk jar of non-sterile sponges which includes 50pcs

DSI Silver Sponge can be used for:

• The treatment of alveoli and wound cavities, e.g. after extractions, cystostomies,
• Apical amputations, maxillary sinus perforations, following surgical Removal of tumours or retained teeth.
• Prevention of secondary cavity formation.
• Prophylaxis of wound infections.
• Secondary hemorrhage prophylaxis.
• As a dressing after gingivectomy.
• Inperiodontopathies.


• Absorbed biologically within 3-4 weeks
• No side effects aid the healing process
• Seals up the bleeding tissues immediately
• Prevents blood loss and hemorrhage
• Perfectly sized for use in dentistry
• Reduces chair time
• Presaturated with colloidal silver
• Kills bacteria with a long-lasting effect
• Excellent bio-compatibility
• Purified first-grade gelatin, iodoform-free

DSPS-24: Silver Sponge in Sterile Blister (7x7x14 blocks) 24pcs
DSPP-50: Silver Sponge Bulk Jar Non-sterile (10x10x10 cubes) 50pcs

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