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Repio Glue

DSI Repio Glue is a surgical adhesive needed to close wounds, control bleeding, connect soft tissues, and more. This glue is an extremely effective alternative for sutures, surgical staples, and other wound closure solutions. It can be used for any skin, gums, and soft tissue wounds. DSI Repio Glue is very easy to use, easy to handle, incredibly convenient, and does not require any instruments, materials, or special skills. It is a medical-grade biocompatible sealant that promotes a fast and much more aesthetically appealing and cost-effective solution for wound closure. DSI Repio Glue is engineered and optimized for dental surgical procedures, however, it can be used in any wound closure surgical case.

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Unlike other bioadhesives, DSI Repio Glue has been designed with dentistry specifically in mind. Its remarkable strength and ability to resist moisture make it the ideal material for intraoral conditions. Not only that, but Repio Glue boasts great control over bleeding - sealing off tissue and preventing liquid or air leakage so as to guarantee a bacteria-proof wound.

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The revolutionary DSI Repio Glue provides a cost and time-effective solution. As opposed to the long process of stitching, this special adhesive requires substantially less time. And because it is absorbed by the body with no need for removal, you can save chair time while not having to schedule a follow-up appointment. Additionally, its protection against bacteria is superior to any suture, greatly reducing the risk of infection.

DSI Repio Glue can be applied intraorally, extraoral, and on the skin. It can be used vertically and still be able to seal the wound without any problems. DSI Repio Glue is special formula perfect for constantly changing and challenging conditions in the wet oral area. It has the required strength to stop bleeding in a moisture environment and It has a fast drying formula of only 120 seconds.


• Medical-grade biocompatible sealant.
• Does not require any instruments, materials, or special skills.
• Close wounds, control bleeding, and connect soft tissues.
• Aesthetically appealing and cost-effective solution for wound closure.
• Can withhold bleeding, moisture, and harsh intraoral conditions.
• Completely absorbed, no need for a follow-up appointment.
• Seals the wound completely which gives it extra protection against bacteria and lowers the risk of infection.
• Fast drying formula of only 120 seconds.

DSI-BIOG: Repio-Glue in syringe 1.0ml

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