DSI sponge materials

DSI Sponge is manufactured from highly purified first extract grade collagen/gelatine material. It is used in a wide range of surgical procedures, where traditional hemostatic measures are inappropriate.

DSI Sponge is uniformly cut gelatin foam. Non-allergenic and non-immunogenic. Absorbed biologically within 1-2 weeks.

High Density post-extraction plugs. High purity first extract grade collagen. Easy to manipulate, with a longer resorption profile of 3 weeks.

DSI Sponge Graft a 2-in-one product, which has a two-phase composition of hydroxyapatite formula in pure bovine collagen plug envelope

Gelatin sponge of hemostatic action with the addition of 5% colloidal silver. Kills bacteria with a long-lasting effect. Iodoform-free.

Ready-to-use collagen freeze-dried sponges with a mix of hemostatic & antiseptic components for astringent and antimicrobial effect.

A highly porous absorbable material used as a hemostatic and wound dressing in oral surgical procedures. Purified 100% bovine collagen type 1

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