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Sponge HD Plugs

DSI Sponge is manufactured from highly purified first-extract grade collagen material. It can be used in a wide range of surgical procedures, especially for insertion into an alveolar socket (socket preservation). DSI Sponge HD compressed during production to achieve increased material density. DSI Sponge can absorb approximately 30 times its own weight of liquid and adheres easily to the bleeding site. It is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic spongious material that does not provoke an immune reaction. DSI Sponge HD plugs are 100% biocompatible and it is completely absorbed in approximately 4 weeks.

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The core product characteristics revolve around the exceptional ability to absorb substantial amounts of fluids as a result of their sponge-like structure. DSI Sponge HD exhibits rapid, safe, and efficacious haemostasis, combined with the added advantage of fast integration into the surrounding tissue. Additionally, the products offer exceptional stabilization of the blood clot, while simultaneously being easy to cut and adapt to defect because of higher density of the material.

Product Details

DSI Sponge HD is designed with a dense yet porous structure that triggers the activation of thrombocytes as soon as blood comes into contact with the sponge. This immediate response of thrombocytes stimulates their aggregation, which acts as a catalyst to change the surface character of the wound and form new fibrin. The sponge also absorbs wound secretions, effectively aiding the healing process of the wound.

High density plugs for insertion into an alveolar socket (socket preservation).
Use when longer resorbtion period is needed.

Remember that every building is only as strong as the foundation on which it stands!

The same principle applies to our teeth. So, it's important to lay the foundations for successful implant therapy right after dental extraction.

We should focus on preserving our valuable building structures rather than augmenting them.
To help conserve the alveolar ridge, Sponge HD plugs can be of great assistance. They provide a firm foundation to ensure an optimal outcome for implant surgery.

DSI Sponge HD main indications include:

• Dento-alveolar surgery and extraction of teeth in patients with risk of hemorrhage.
• Implant site preparation after teeth removal.
• Treatment of an extraction socket without bony defect and without any signs of infection
• Surgical removal of oral tumors and leucoplakias.
• Haemostatic agent after tooth extractions and other oral surgeries
• COMMON ORAL SURGERY: multiple procedures that support general practitioners in their daily routine, including SOCKET PRESERVATION


  • Safe and rapid haemostasis - No risk of secondary bleeding, guaranteed stabilization of the blood clot
  • Prevention of alveolar ridge atrophy - Improvement of the socket stabilization and maintenance of the sensitive vestibular lamella for volume stability of the alveolar process, resulting in improved long-term aesthetic and functional outcomes.
  • Improved bone regeneration - The angioconductive and osteoconductive properties of the defined regeneration matrix allow for the formation of a stable bony implant site within a relatively short time, resulting in more easily predictable long-term success.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed -Patients love it! The treatment technique is super simple, safe, and makes the next steps a breeze. They feel totally comfortable during the whole process - both for patient and practitioner. Plus, it's a great value for the money

DSP-1020: Sterile plugs in blister, 10pcs. Patient card stickers, instructions leaflet.

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