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Syntoss Bio+

DSI Syntoss Bio is a surgical dental absorbable membrane commonly used in oral and maxillofacial surgery, usually in the regeneration of minor osseous defects, extraction socket closure, and implantation. This membrane acts as a biological and mechanical barrier against the invasion of cells not involved in bone formation. DSI Syntoss Bio is a type II collagen membrane whose interfiber structure was restored by cross-linking of polypeptide chains. This membrane is completely resorbed in 3-4 months, it is biocompatible and allows predictable and accurate bone regeneration. DSI Syntoss Bio covers the bone area with a dense film and prevents cell and soft tissue migration. Syntoss-Bio preserves the barrier function in tissue regeneration, does not contain antigenic factors that can be integrated into the surrounding tissue and does not cause an immune reaction.

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DSI Syntoss Bio is a widely used component of implant dentistry that can be used with various bone fillers in GTR and GBR procedures for immediate and delayed implantation. It is easy and convenient to work with, and simple to handle. DSI Syntoss Bio causes no inflammation, it is a sterile material, which does not contain any viruses, prions, or endotoxins.

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DSI Syntoss Bio has an outstanding clinical performance and demonstrates exceptional results and surgical efficiency. It is perfect for oral surgery and periodontal surgery to prevent epithelium, from growing into bone tissues. It is extremely useful for reconstructive bone surgery, guiding bone growth limited to the necessary area. Preventing unwanted tissue migration, and securing the operational site. It Is very flexible and thin which significantly improves the handling for the surgeon. Thanks to the fact that the membrane is resorbable makes it both, cost-effective and time-saving because there is no need for follow-up surgery. DSI Syntoss Bio can be trimmed, cut, and shaped as you want it to, which improves the convenience and simplicity of use.

DSI Syntoss Bio membrane displays enough stiffness to maintain a proper space for bone formation. And the same time it is flexible enough to adapt to different morphologies and surgeons' needs. Ideal for filling bony defects, ridge construction, and dental implant placement. DSI Syntoss Bio is a reliable material with excellent handling properties that ensures predictable, successful treatment outcomes every time.

DSI Syntoss Bio can be used for:
• Implantation of defects in the bone tissue
• Restoration of congenital and acquired defects of bone and soft tissues
• Sinus-lifting
• Cystectomy Periodontitis (minimally invasive methods of treatment and reconstructive surgery)
• Resection of the root apex
• Filling of defects after the removal of cysts
• Closure of perforations of the maxillary sinus
• Closure of perforation of the lower-jaw canal removal of the tooth
• As a stabilizer of the clot


• Excellent biocompatibility
• Low antigenicity
• Easy to handle
• Predictable resorption time
• Stabilization of the blood clot
• High mechanical strength
• Space maintenance
• Strong, reliable barrier
• Cell occlusiveness

SM780310: Small, 15x15mm
Medium, 25x25mm
Large, 30x40mm

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