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DSI Cross-Platform Drivers

The DSI Multi-Platform Drivers are specifically designed to offer ultimate compatibility across a range of platforms on the dental market. Featuring both ratchet and motor mount drivers, these tools have been expertly crafted for maximum effectiveness with abutments from a variety of different manufacturers. For a wide array of applications, DSI Multi-Platform Drivers are an excellent option to consider. Offering solutions for various manufacturers and even exotic platforms, these drivers are sure to meet your needs. These drivers are constructed with the highest level of stainless steel and crafted on industry-leading CNC machines. Subsequently, they each undergo rigorous tests to confirm that the quality meets superior standards.

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The DSI Multi-Platform Drivers are designed for compatibility with a variety of platforms, ranging from Nobel Branemark® and Osstem® to Astra™, Dentium, Straumann, Zimmer, and many more. Two lengths of the driver are available - short or long - to best suit the application. Motor mount drivers are compatible with surgical motors that support latch-type connections.

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The ratchet drivers could be connected to any ratchet, adapter, and extender that supports a square Ø4.0mm or a hexagon Ø6.35mm connection. Also, DSI drivers feature a variety of lengths that will comprehend any individual case.

DSI drivers for abutments have different options to select from, motor mount drivers, and ratchet drivers. The motor mount drivers could be used with most of the surgical motors that support latch-type connections.

All the instruments are made of stainless steel and are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Made of the highest quality stainless steel.
• Processed on the best CNC machines.
• Each driver is tested to the strictest requirements.
• Compatible with a large variety of different platforms on the market.
• Motor mount drivers are compatible with surgical motors that support latch-type connections.
• Ratchet drivers with a square Ø4.0mm or a hexagon Ø6.35mm connection.
• Available in different lengths.

S-12, L-12: Ø1.2mm L (23.5 and 30mm) compatible (Biomet 3i / Dentsply Xive / DIO UF / Global D / Hiossen / Keystone Renova, Restore / Megagen / Neo Biotech / Osstem / Tekka)
S-125, L-125:
Ø1.25mm L (23.5 and 30mm) compatible (AB-Dent / Adin / Alpha-bio / Anthorgyr / BEGO / Bio Horizon External, Internal / Camlog / Cortex / Dentis / Dentium / Ditron / DSI / Implant Direct / Key Stone (Paltop), Prime Connex / Lasak Bioniq / MIS internal hex / Zimmer)
S-13, L-13:  
Ø1.3mm L (23.5 and 30mm) compatible (Astratech Ev / DYNA / Kentec / Platon)
 Ø1.7mm L (23.5 and 30mm) compatible (Nobel Active / Branemark / Replace Select etc)
Ø1.7mm L (23.5 and 30mm) compatible (Straumann)
RDTK100, RDTK150:
torx ratchet driver for prosthetics Ø1.25mm L 10, 15mm
MMTK200, MMTK350:
torx motor mount driver Ø1.25mm L 20, 35mm

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