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Implant Level Analog

An irreplaceable asset to the process of creating a final restoration, DSI Analog provides vital accuracy in replicating the implant position and angle on the technical model. Its straightforward design makes it a simple and effective tool that is essential for achieving precision. DSI Analogs offer a highly precise replication of the implant and anticipated abutment positioning. Crafting a prosthesis with these analogs ensures optimal placement of abutments. DSI Analogs are made only of the best quality stainless steel found in the market today and are used to ensure accuracy and reliability. Using them a dentist is able to finalize the design and properly place the abutments accordingly.

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Using the latest CNC 6-axis machines and digital laser 3D marking technology, DSI is able to craft analogs with superior precision and accuracy. As a result, this process drastically reduces the chances of any potential errors within the production of a final dental prosthesis.

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By using a DSI analog replica, dentists can accurately determine the precise position of a patient's implant. This is achieved by taking an impression of the patient's mouth, which is then utilized to craft a copy that precisely illustrates the placement and anatomy of the implant. Doing so allows for correct prosthesis construction and abutment fitting.

The highest level of craftsmanship and quality materials are invested in the fabrication of DSI implant-level analogs. Such precision and attention to detail are necessary for creating an exquisite restoration that will be sure to stand the test of time. Each product is meticulously designed with superior results in mind.

*Narrow* - Narrow platform 2.0mm internal hex connection - for narrow implant 3.0mm
*Regular* - Regular platform 2.42mm internal hex connection


• Compatible with most major brands.
• Precise installation.
• Secure press-fit in the model.
• Can be used with regular tools and drivers, no need for special equipment.
• Precise duplication of the implant position and angle on the technical model.
• Repeats perfectly the shape and size of the implant.
• Made of high-quality stainless steel.
• Helps to minimize the errors in the creation of a dental prosthesis.

SIA300: Analog *Narrow*
SIA375: Analog *Regular*
SIA-US: Short-body analog *Regular*
SIA 500: Wide-body analog *Regular*
IAD375: Analog for one-piece implant
ANOP: Analog for compressive implant

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