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Angulated Abutment

Angulated abutments are usually used when implants are placed with a certain degree of an angle and are not parallel to adjacent teeth. The angulated abutments can be used in a single tooth and in partially or totally edentulous situations. The abutments are available with angles of 15°, 25°, 35°, and 45° degrees. DSI Angulated abutments have multiple platform choices. The traditional design provides great compatibility for a large variety of situations. It is an excellent solution for angulated implantation cases with no option of straight implant alignment. Very useful in difficult reconstruction cases. It is excellent for all types of restorations at all stages of treatment and gives outstanding aesthetic results.

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In those particular cases, there is a need for a compensating method such as DSI angulated abutments. Placing angled abutments reduces surgical interference, treatment, and healing time and reduces the overall costs of the final restoration, without causing any complications during the treatment and healing process.

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In contrast to standard prosthetics, angulated concave abutments are specifically created with a distinctive shape that produces excellent aesthetic outcomes. The concave structure supplies an effective emergence profile that helps to create a thicker mucosal tissue layer around the transgingival link and minimizes metal exposure. Additionally, these abutments can be replaced without damaging any newly formed tissues, thus helping to decrease trauma and speed up healing times.

The perfect situation is when there is no difference between the axis of the implant and the planned prosthetic, and the implant could be placed straight and parallel to other implants and adjacent teeth. Unfortunately the "perfect situation" does not always arise and sometimes there is no other choice but to place the implant is a certain angle degree.

DSI angulated abutments are made of the highest level of medical titanium at Grade 5, to provide the best results and allow biological compatibility. Great trauma reduction during the insertion and removal and excellent aesthetics of the final restoration.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 25 Ncm.

*Narrow* - Narrow platform 2.0mm internal hex connection - for narrow implant 3.0mm
*Regular* - Regualr platfrom 2.42mm internal hex connection


• Top quality materials.
• Excellent biocompatibility, no risk of abruption.
• Highly aesthetic, precise, and predictable results.
• Great surgical efficiency.
• Guaranteed stability and durability.
• Reduced tissue transparency and reduced metal visibility of the abutment above the tissue level.
• Creates an emergence profile by optimal solid connection.
• Accelerates the healing process and reduces trauma.
• Highest-level titanium alloy (Grade 5) for excellent biocompatibility and long-term usage.
• An accurate sealing of the soft tissue bestows a better aesthetic appearance on the gingiva.
• Assist in the final contour for crowns.
• Simple, fast, and accurate positioning.
• Highly stable restorations.
• Can be used in a single tooth and in partially or totally edentulous situations.
• Excellent solution for angulated implantation cases with no option of straight implant alignment.

SAAC15-1, SAAC15-2, SAAC15-3, SAAC15-4: Angulated concave abutment 15° *Regular*
SAAC25-1, SAAC25-2, SAAC25-3, SAAC25-4:
Angulated concave abutment 25° *Regular*
: Angulated abutment 15° *Narrow*
STAA15:-7 Angulated abutment 15° 7mm height *Regular*
STAA15, STAA15L: Angulated abutment 15° 9 and 11mm height *Regular*
STAA25, STAA25L: Angulated abutment 25° 9 and 11mm height *Regular*
STAA35: Angulated abutment 35°  *Regular*
STAA45: Angulated abutment 45°  *Regular*
STAA15-1, STAA15-2, STAA15-3, STAA15-4: Angulated anatomic abutment 15° *Regular*
STAA25-1, STAA25-2, STAA25-3, STAA25-4: Angulated anatomic abutment 25° *Regular*

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