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UniCrown LC

The UniCrown LC temporary crown & bridge material from DSI is a great way of achieving aesthetically pleasing and resilient provisional restorations in the blink of an eye. With accuracy ensured and results delivered within 5 minutes, this material provides an efficient solution for making temporary inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges. DSI UniCrown LC Comes in a stick form package for fast and clean use with optimal results. 15 grams of ready-to-use material, without mixing, is enough for approximately 20 crowns. Saving time and effort, this ready-to-use material has numerous benefits. Not only is it odorless and mess-free, but it also provides a secure bond to prevent any potential leakage or sensitivity issues.

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DSI Unicrown LC has a light-curing formula that drastically reduces the time and discomfort of dental procedures for the patient. In just 20 short seconds, this product is able to harden. Offering a simple and quick solution to crown creation. it has a non-sticky texture for easy handling. DSI Unicrown LC makes it easy to handle and permits the effortless fabrication of temporary crowns.

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DSI Unicrown LC is made to last thanks to its remarkable strength and abrasion resistance. It also has light curing technology that results in a fast hardening time, allowing for quick and easy application. The texture of this material is bubble-free and it does not have any odors, making it an even more attractive choice. Additionally, the non-sticky nature of this product makes it simple to work with while providing better accuracy and a cleaner environment.

DSI Unicrown LC is formulated as a putty-like material, the special stick shape makes it incredibly easy to work with and allows for cutting according to your preference. With a reliable level of accuracy when achieving occlusion, you can expect approximately enough for 20 average-sized crowns from each packet - available in shades A2 and A3.


 • Fast hardening time.
 • Strong and abrasion resistant.
 • Improved aesthetics.
 • Bubble-free texture.
 • No odor.
 • No mixing needed - ready to use
 • Non-sticky and improves clean and accurate work
 • Can be sculpted
 • Putty-like for perfect accuracy and occlusion

UCROWN-A2: DSI UniCrown LC Stick A2, 15g
DSI UniCrown LC Stick A3, 15g

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