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Temp OTC

DSI Temp OTC Cement is an ideal solution for those needing to quickly and effectively fix crowns and bridges that fell off. Its quick-drying capabilities ensure a secure adhesion for the restoration, with initial fixation taking 3-5 minutes and complete setting occurring in intraoral conditions over 15-20 minutes. What makes this product truly special is its two-stage setting - meaning that the crown can be repositioned even after the initial stage of adhesion has been set. DSI Temp OTC Cement is a hydrophilic material that continues to expand within the patient's mouth until fully cured in around 3 hours, during which time it creates an excellent tight marginal seal.

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DSI Temp OTC has superior bonding strength, and it can be effortlessly removed when required. It is conveniently provided in a pre-filled syringe for straightforward application. This product is user-friendly and can be used by patients who can repair loose crowns with ease while waiting for their appointment at the dentist's office.

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DSI Temp OTC is the ultimate solution for the temporary cementation of crowns and bridges. When it comes to temporarily cementing crowns and bridges, there is nothing quite like DSI Temp OTC. This ready-to-use product is specifically designed for fixing up dental crowns, inlays, and bridges. Not to be confused with glue, this ready-to-use cement needs only contact with either saliva or water in order to start the setting process which is approximately 15-20 minutes.

Designed for temporary needs, DSI Temp OTC cement has been created to ensure comfort and convenience. Not only is it gentle on the gums and does not cause irritation, but also very easy to apply and effortlessly removable by a qualified dentist without putting crowns or bridges at risk.

Can be used for:
• For replacing loose caps, crowns, and bridges.
• Repair of lost fillings
• Perfect for patient self-use when traveling or waiting for a dentist's appointment


• Adequate strength yet easily removed
• Clinically proven professional material
• No mixing. No waste, fast and easy to apply
• Ready to use solution, preloaded in a syringe
• Enough material for a 25+ repairs
• Over-the-counter product
• Best for first aid and emergency situations

UL-OTC: DSI Temp OTC in syringe 7g

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