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DSI Temp

For those in need of a quick and effective fix for dental cavities, DSI Temp is the perfect solution. This temporary filling material can provide a secure restoration that can be done in just one appointment. With the ability to last up to two weeks, it serves as an ideal protection against bacteria when isolating treating materials within the caries cavity. DSI Temp, a provisional filling material, is based on a polymer-zinc-sulfate cement. This particular type of material hardens with the moisture in the patient's mouth over two hours. During this process, it expands to ensure that there is a well-sealed margin between the tooth and the filling. DSI Temp additionally offers high-stress resistance and superior adhesion to harder dental tissues.

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DSI Temp is an ideal solution for emergencies that involve exposure to a deeper layer of the tooth. This temporary filling material may provide immediate relief from discomfort and sensitivity. Used for short-term purposes, DSI Temp can be invaluable in certain circumstances where urgent treatment is required.

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DSI Temp is a hydrophilic material that utilizes oral cavity moisture to set and harden over 2 hours. As it cures, this substance expands while simultaneously hardening - creating an impressive, secure seal that allows for top-notch results.

DSI Temp is a temporary filling material that is used for a short duration of time and can be especially good for:

• Emergency immediate care - In case of sharp extreme pain, and exposure to a deeper layer.

• Multi-step fillings - In certain cases, a multi-stage procedure is required to properly assess the final result of a filling. As part of this method, the affected tooth must first be filled with a temporary material for an interim period.

• Root canal treatment - The process of a typical dental procedure, known as a 'root canal treatment', must be conducted in several steps. To protect the clean canals from any foreign particles entering their depths, a temporary filling is placed before the final stages of this operation.

• Irritating pulp - Pain resulting from an inflamed nerve in a tooth can be unbearable. When this occurs, the tooth is said to have an irritated pulp which should be treated as soon as possible for relief.

• Restoration of milk teeth (all cavities) - It is also perfect for milk teeth and is not only indicated for the adult population.

• Temporary seal for medicaments - Eugenol, antibiotics, or any other pain and inflammation remedies can be sealed to help the patient, before considering the final restoration technique.


• Excellent stability when set
• Hermetically cavity sealing
• Reduces chair-time
• Non-irritating, non-toxic
• Quick and effective fix for dental cavities
• Ideal protection against bacteria
• Hardens with the moisture in the patient's mouth
• Stress resistance and superior adhesion to harder teeth tissues

DSTMP: DSITemp cavity filling paste 40g jar

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