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CalPaste LC

DSI CalPaste LC is a cavity liner and base material offering fluorine release, light-curing properties, and radiopaque qualities. Specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites, as well as other traditional restorative treatments. DSI CalPaste LC can prove a valuable addition to your practice. DSI CalPaste LC is a special mixture of calcium phosphate, resin, and a radiopaque addition which also contains a photopolymerization inhibitor. This specially formulated paste has the ability to chemically bond with adhesive primers, composites, and other resin-based materials as well as micromechanically bonding to dentin. This is ready-to-use, time-saving single-component material that comes in a preloaded syringe.

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Using DSI CalPaste LC as a base liner for composite restorations can help to ensure a successful result. This material offers impressive physical properties, has low water solubility, and is able to withstand phosphoric acid exposure. Additionally, it has an ideal consistency for placement, it becomes incredibly easy due to its convenient flowability properties.

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DSI CalPaste LC is a unique dental product that greatly facilitates dentin formation and produces lasting outcomes. Not only does it effectively bond to adhesive primers, composites, and other resin-based materials, but its special characteristics also include a quick curing time with strong stability afterward. In addition, this product offers great protection for exposed pulp tissue and provides unlimited manipulation time.

Using DSI CalPaste LC is an effortless and uncomplicated process since it is already equipped with a pre-loaded syringe. This not only prevents material from going to waste but also helps to reduce chair time. No mixing is necessary, eliminating the mess associated with other products. It has high compressive strength and can be used as:

• Pulp protection at indirect pulp capping.
• Cavity liner for all filling materials.
• Sealing material.
• Acid protection during the total-etch process


• Ready to use one component material
• Time-saving
• Fluoride-releasing
• Acid protection during the total-etch process
• Effective pulp protection
• Exceptional adhesion to composites
• Low solubility in oral fluids
• Helps formation of secondary dentine
• Easy to place
• High compressive strength

CALPASTELC-2G: DSI CalPaste LC 1 syringe 2g
DSI CalPaste LC 2 syringe 2g each 4g total

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