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Tenting Screws

DSI Tenting Screws are designed specifically for the secure attachment of titanium mesh plates and resorbable membranes, They provide a reliable solution for stabilizing the membranes during treatment. They can be used in GBR techniques for both the maxilla and mandible or for vertical augmentation. These uniquely engineered screws provide reliable stabilization throughout the entire treatment process. DSI Tenting Screws possess the impressive qualities of being self-frilling and self-tapping, ensuring a secure connection with the bone and effectively eliminating any risk of displacement membrane displacement.

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When performing GBR procedures, it is crucial to use DSI Tenting Screws. These screws play a vital role in preserving space and preventing grafting material from being absorbed. Unlike conventional screws, the threading of DSI Tenting Screws is restricted to the lower section, while the shaft remains smooth to avoid integration issues.

Product Details

The new 2-component tent screw has an aggressive tip design that gives an option for self-drilling into the bone and enables precise positioning without the use of a drill. The screw is placed in the cortical bone granting exceptional stability for the whole procedure time. The neck of the screw is polished, and the upper part is wide with an entrance for an additional fixing screw for fixing the membrane in place. Such construction allows easy placement and fixation of the membrane and easy removal by the end of the treatment. The upper screw has a regular Phillips connection type.

DSI Tenting Screws are a highly reliable option when it comes to securing hard membranes such as titanium mesh plates at a surgical site. Its solid stability ensures that placement is comfortable and simple and that precision and accuracy will be achieved. This screw is also broadly applicable, being used across reconstructive surgery, bone grafting, and new bone formation, among other treatments. Whether you are completing reconstructive surgery or engaging in bone grafting, DSI GBR Screws will ensure success every single time.


• Biocompatible - made of titanium
• Self-tapping body
• Self-piercing tip
• Phillips connection
• Can be used for both the maxilla and mandible
• Secures membranes effectively
• Completely safe for the patient
• Reduces treatment time - no need for drilling
• Accurate and predictable results
• Best to use in all kinds of GBR cases
• Holds the membrane with great stability and security
• Universal - can be used for a wide assortment of membranes and titanium mesh plates
• Perfect anchor point - incredibly stable and accurate
• Easy insertion and extraction with no need for drilling

TNT-8, TNT-10, TNT-12: half-thread GBR tenting screw Ø1.5mm, L (8, 10, 12mm)
TNT-10F, TNT-12F:
full-thread GBR tenting screw Ø1.5mm, L (10, 12mm)
BI-7444, BI-7445, BI-7446, BI-7447: two component tent screw Ø2.0mm, L (6,9, 12, 15mm)

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