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Bone Tacks & Accessories

DSI Bone Tacks are universal applicators used to attach and hold the regenerative membranes to the bone. The bone tacks can hold the membrane intact through the whole healing process time. They are especially suitable for the fixation of collagen, and PTFE membranes. Holding the regenerative membranes using the bone tack prevents the ingrowth of gingival soft tissue into bone defects. That way new bone can form during the repair process of the defect. DSI Bone Tacks are made with a differential thread that gives the membrane more stability during the whole healing process. DSI Bone Tacks allow easy and fast engagement in challenging cases with limited space and difficult access. The bone tacks are made of titanium and are completely compatible and do not cause any antibody reaction.

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Additional accessories and instruments are made especially for the bone tacks and can be acquired separately. Stainless steel cases for bone tacks - can hold up to 20 tacks. The box is opened by sliding the upper deck aside. When it comes to tack delivery it is very handy to take the tacks from a case instead of a table or a tray.

Product Details

DSI Tack Applicator is an irreplaceable tool for membrane fixation used to fixate the membrane with the bone tacks. DSI GBR surgical mallet is used to insert tacks into the bone in cases of high bone density. The ergonomic and elegant design of the mallet allows it to be used comfortably with just one hand. DSI GBR Driver is a very handy instrument when it comes to pulling out the bone tack after the healing process is finished. All the accessories are made of the highest quality materials and designed for precise predictable results.

Kit includes:

SDB-140-035: purple tack Ø2.5/0.85, L (3.5mm)
blue tack Ø2.5/0.85, L (5.0mm)
tack applicator angulated
tack applicator straight
driver short 20mm
BT-03, BT05:
bone tack case (red and blue) for 20 tacks

All the instruments including the box are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Easy to apply on a site.
• Secure positioning of the membrane is stabilized.
• No tissue reaction no risk of abruption.
• Can be easily removed after the healing period is done.
• Made of the highest quality materials.
• Operational convince.

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