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GBR Standard Kit

DSI GBR kit is the perfect tool for executing guided bone regeneration surgical procedures. The loss of teeth can happen for different reasons and unfortunately, it is usually followed by a loss of cortical bone. Many studies shows that over half of the patients who lose their teeth also lose the underlying bone as a result. The main problem in those cases is that there is no way to perform implantation procedures by conventional methods. DSI GBR kit is made with consideration for the essential instruments that could be needed for any implantologist and dental surgeon clinic. DSI GBR kit enables fulfillment of almost any kind of guided bone regeneration procedures, bone grafting for insufficient bone and missing bone, membrane placement, and more.

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DSI GBR kit includes self-tapping titanium screws and titanium membranes. The screws allow easy and fast fixation of the membrane in all kinds of cases, even in the most difficult and demanding with limited space and access. The screws and the membranes are made of the highest quality titanium alloy. The screws can stabilize the membrane through the healing process without interference. DSI screws come in a sterile package and are ready to use right away. Although the membrane is made of titanium it can be cut and shaped with convenience and ease.

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The GBR procedure is not easy and requires several main factors. It requests a great experience from the surgeon itself and the right and highly accurate instruments in order to achieve the best results. This is why DSI GBR kits offer only the best instruments, are made of the finest raw materials, and undergo the strictest tests for quality. DSI delivers the most exquisite and refined instrument kits available on the market unparalleled by their quality and workability.

Kit includes:

SDS-140-060, SDS-140-080, SDS-140-100: screws Ø1.4mm L (6.0, 8.0, 10.0mm)
SDS-160-060, SDS-160-080, SDS-160-100:
screws Ø1.6mm L (6.0, 8.0, 10.0mm)
SD-PD12, SD-PD14, SD-PD20:
GBR pilot drill Ø1.2, 1.4, 2.0mm
SDP-S36-022: titanium
membrane (pores) Ø1.4mm, size 36.0x22.0mm
TR-01, TR-02, TR-03:
drivers L ( 20, 26, 52mm)
driver handle
turning handle

All the instruments including the box are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Easy to apply on a site.
• Membranes can be contoured and cut, to perfectly adapt to the area.
• Secure positioning of the membrane is stabilized using screws.
• The micro-perforated structure enables the body fluids to enter, ensuring maintenance over time between clot and flap.
• Exactly define the area that needs to be regenerated and serve for containment of graft materials.
• The membrane is non-absorbable and can be left on the site even for extended periods (generally 6-8 months).
• No tissue reaction no risk of abruption
• Can be easily removed after the healing period is done.

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