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GBR Mesh-Tack Kit

DSI GBR tack kit is a perfect solution for fixating different kinds of membranes and dressings. The tacks could be used for collagen membranes, PTFE membranes, and even for titanium mesh plates. The main advantage of the tacks is their ability to fixate the membrane without preliminarily drilling through the bone. The tacks can be fixated right away and hold the membrane as long as the healing process takes place. The tacks can be organized in a special box making the selection of the correct tack simple. The instruments provided in the DSI GBR tack kit allow you to work on more challenging cases, expanding the level of care for your patients. 

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GBR tacks are made with a well knows "Phillips" cross-type connection head which makes it easy to use with common instruments. The tacks have micro threads on their shaft. Those threads enable solid and secure stabilization and a simple removal if necessary. The DSI tacks combine both tack and screw features. Such a combination makes the DSI tacks truly unique, among the competitors.

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DSI GBR tack kit includes titanium tacks and titanium membranes. The tacks allow easy and fast fixation of the membrane. The tacks and the membranes are made of the highest quality titanium alloy. The tacks can stabilize the membrane through the healing process without interference. Although the membrane is made of titanium it can be cut and shaped with convenience and ease.

With the DSI GBR tack kit, you will be able to perform any kind of guided bone regeneration procedure, bone grafting for insufficient bone and missing bone, membrane placement, and more.

All the instruments including the box are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Easy to apply on a site.
• Membranes can be contoured and cut, to perfectly adapt to the area.
• Secure positioning of the membrane is stabilized using tacks.
• The micro-perforated structure enables the body fluids to enter, ensuring maintenance over time between clot and flap.
• Exactly define the area that needs to be regenerated and serve for containment of graft materials.
• The membrane is non-absorbable and can be left on the site even for extended periods (generally 6-8 months).
• No tissue reaction no risk of abruption
• Can be easily removed after the healing period is done.

SD-MTAC: Full Kit
SDB-140-035: purple tack Ø2.5/0.85, L (3.5mm)
blue tack Ø2.5/0.85, L (5.0mm)
TR-01, TR-02:
drivers 20, 26mm
tac applicator
SDP-S22-015, SDP-S36-022, SDP-S44-044:
titanium membrane (pores) Ø1.4mm, size 22.0x15.0mm, 36.0x22.0mm, 44.0x44.0mm
BT-03, BT05:
bone tack case (red and blue) for 20 tacks

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