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DSI GBR Screws provide a reliable solution for stabilizing membranes during treatment. Not only are they simple to use, but they can be easily transported to the surgical site, inserted into bone with ease, and a breeze to remove once the process is finished. Their features make them an ideal alternative for GBR tack. The DSI GBR Screw is a highly reliable option when it comes to securing hard membranes such as titanium mesh plates at a surgical site. Its solid stability ensures that placement is comfortable and simple and that precision and accuracy will be achieved. This screw is also broadly applicable, being used across reconstructive surgery, bone grafting, and new bone formation, among other treatments. Whether you are completing reconstructive surgery or engaging in bone grafting, DSI GBR Screws will ensure success every single time.

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The DSI GBR screws are made from titanium alloy and are renowned for their outstanding level of quality. Their retentive properties make them ideal for use in membrane stabilization during the healing process without any additional interference. Furthermore, these screws are securely held in place, significantly reducing the risk of them becoming dislodged or lost after placement.

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When performing a GBR technique, the DSI GBR driver is an essential tool. Its key purpose is to safely and reliably insert bone screws into a mesh plate. To ensure that the screws remain securely in place, the driver contains a pin at its tip which allows for easy manipulation of the screw without fear of dropping it. Furthermore, compared to its metal counterparts, this handle is made from polymeric fiber plastic material and has a comfortable grip making it lightweight and more comfortable to use.

Created for optimal performance during GBR procedures, DSI GBR Drills are crafted from the finest surgical stainless steel. The durable and sharp design of these drills makes them a reliable tool for ensuring successful results. Their RA shank allows for easy fitment into any latch-type handpiece, while an assortment of diameters accommodate the most commonly used GBR screws. No matter the task at hand, DSI GBR Drills promise to stand up to all your needs.


• Perfectly safe for the patient.
• Reduces the overall treatment time.
• Precise and predictable results.
• Easy to apply on a site.
• Secure positioning of the membrane is stabilized.
• No tissue reaction no risk of abruption.
• Can be easily removed after the healing period is done.
• Made of the highest quality materials.
• Operational convince.

SDS-140-030, SDS-140-040, SDS-140-060, SDS-140-080, SDS-140-100, SDS-140-120: GBR fixation screws Ø1.4mm L (3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm)
SDS-160-030, SDS-160-040, SDS-160-060, SDS-160-080, SDS-160-100, SDS-160-120: GBR
fixation screws Ø1.6mm L (3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm)
SDS-200-030, SDS-200-040, SDS-200-060, SDS-200-080, SDS-200-100, SDS-200-120: GBR
fixation screws Ø1.4mm L (3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm)
driver handle
turning handle
TR-01, TR-02, TR-03:
gbr drivers, L 20, 26, 52mm
SD-PD12, SD-PD14, SD-PD20: gbr pilot drills Ø1.2, 1.4, 2.0mm‍

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