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Mesh Plates

DSI Titanium Mesh Membranes provide the most efficient solution when it comes to GBR/GTR procedures and reconstruction operations. These biocompatible titanium elastic barrier non-absorbable membranes come with small pores and are used to secure bone grafts in place. As they are incredibly flexible, they ensure that the entire area remains stable and protected. DSI titanium mesh membranes have the ability to provide successful treatment for both upper and lower jaw bone defects. These membranes are constructed from titanium alloy, making them biocompatible with an absence of risk in regard to abruption. The use of mesh titanium plates is highly recommended especially in cases of severe bone defects that limit or make implant placement impossible.

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DSI Mesh Plates are non-absorbable titanium micro-perforated membranes for bone graft stabilization. These titanium membranes ensure perfect biocompatibility and tolerance during the whole rehabilitation phase of treatment. They are completely safe for the patient and they can be adjusted for each individual bone regeneration case.

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The installation of DSI titanium mesh membranes is a straightforward process that can be tailored to the particular defect location. Without difficulty, they can be shaped, cut, and adapted with ease; the operation takes no time at all.

The micro-perforated structure gives the membranes on the DSI Mesh Titanium Plates to help the blood supply and accelerate the healing process. These pores enable better and much faster tissue healing.


• Guided bone regeneration (GBR)
• Guided tissue regeneration (GTR)
• Used to protect periodontal grafting sites from cell migration
• Ridge Augmentation
• Dental implant therapy and installation
• Bony defects correction

All the mesh plates are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Made of the highest-quality titanium alloy.
• Excellent flexibility.
• Can be cut to the right size depending on the surgical needs.
• Reduces the overall healing time.
• Perfectly safe for the patient.
• Unreplaceable during any GBR/GTR procedures.
• Excellent biocompatibility.
• Extremely elastic yet strong and durable.

SDP-T22-015, SDP-T36-022, SDP-T44-044: mesh plates pore Ø0.6mm sizes 15x22mm, 22x36mm, 44x44mm
SDP-S22-015, SDP-S36-022, SDP-S44-044:
mesh plates pore Ø1.4mm sizes 15x22mm, 22x36mm, 44x44mm

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