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DSI Ultrasil Putty

DSI Ultrasil Putty is an outstanding genuine product for heavy-body base impression taking. It is the latest-generation hydrophilic polyvinyl siloxane impression material.

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DSI Ultrasil Putty is a non-sticky, non-oily, and easy-to-mix heavy viscosity impression material. It has a high final hardness and distortion resistance. It is specially engineered to create precise, consistent impressions. DSI Ultrasil Putty comes in two options: a full-size (2x300ml jars) or one patient kit (2x50g jars).

DSI Ultrasil Putty can be used for crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay, functional impressions, implant abutments, dentures, and partial denture impressions.

DSI Ultrasil Putty
US-P50: putty base, jar 50g putty catalyst, jar 50g
US-P300: putty base, jar 300ml putty catalyst, jar 300ml

DSI UltraSil Putty is a perfect solution for two steps impression-taking technique especially when it is used with DSI UltraSil Light Body wash material. DSI Ultrasil Putty delivers not only great results every time but features superb wettability, tear strength, and dimensional stability.


• Excellent flow properties allow it to capture fine details for precise impressions.
• Provides bubble-free impressions in moist conditions.
• Precise-fitting restorations without distortion.
• A correct impression on the first take reduces the need for costly adjustments.
• Perfect operating time/setting time ratio.
• Outstanding dimensional stability.
• Exceptional consistency.
• Brilliant elastic properties (high elastic memory).
• Amazing tear strength.
• Non-sticky. Very smooth.

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