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DSI Ultrasil Putty

Unmatched in its superior quality, DSI Ultrasil Dental Putty Impression Material is an exceptional Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material. This hydrophilic impression material hand-mix putty offers a reliable solution for dental and gingival impressions, allowing a dentist to create detailed impressions that will hold their shape when being removed. DSI Ultrasil Putty is a (VPS) Vinyl Polysiloxane material, specifically designed to make accurate impressions. Its low contact angle allows it to flow deeply, enabling even the smallest details to be seen and captured accurately. This ensures that effective restorations can be made with ease each time, as all features are successfully replicated in the impression. Additionally, this feature creates highly visible margins within the sulcus for an ideal end result.

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The unique formulation of DSI Ultrasil Dental Putty makes it an excellent choice for use in all kinds of standard impression techniques. It is a non-sticky, heavy viscosity material with great hardness and distortion resistance. it is used to copy oral tissues, create a dental impression, and then pour gypsum into them to produce a dental cast. This product is perfect for reproducing teeth that are prepared for crowns or bridges, as well as partial or complete removable prosthodontics.

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DSI Ultrasil Dental Putty impression material provides dentists with an uncompromising VPS formula to ensure superior results. It is the perfect choice for dental professionals who need accuracy and stability in their impressions, as it is an integral part of fabricating well-fitting restorations.

DSI UltraSil Putty is a perfect solution for the steps impression-taking technique especially when it is used with DSI UltraSil Light Body wash material. DSI Ultrasil Putty delivers not only great results every time but features superb wettability, tear strength, and dimensional stability. DSI Ultrasil Putty can be used for crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay, functional impressions, implant abutments, dentures, and partial denture impressions.


• Excellent flow properties allow it to capture fine details for precise impressions.
• Provides bubble-free impressions in moist conditions.
• Precise-fitting restorations without distortion.
• A correct impression on the first take reduces the need for costly adjustments.
• Perfect operating time/setting time ratio.
• Outstanding dimensional stability.
• Exceptional consistency.
• Brilliant elastic properties (high elastic memory).
• Amazing tear strength.
• Non-sticky. Very smooth.

US-P50: DSI Ultrasil Putty, Base 50g + Catalyst 50g
US-P300: DSI Ultrasil Putty, Base 420g + Catalyst 420g

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