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DSI UltraSil Light Body

DSI UltraSil Light Body is an A-silicone VPS product that provides faster setting characteristics and significantly improved hydrophilicity. It is delivered in a form of a lightweight mousse. Once injected onto the occlusal surface it flows evenly and remains in place without deforming. DSI UltraSil Light Body has a medium viscosity and is used for accurate capturing of details. Ultra hydrophilic chemistry provides better results in wet oral environments and has a rapid setting time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds. DSI UltraSil Light Body is an ideal material for taking impressions of inlay, crown, bridge, and dentures. Used in a dual-phase technique where the light body is placed onto the prepped tooth and soft tissues.

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DSI UltraSil Light Body is suitable for the double-mix impression technique, crown and bridge impressions, inlay, and implant restorations, and removable dentures. DSI UltraSil Light Body is the answer for every time you need the highest definition impression copy with the maximum detail.

Product Details

DSI UltraSil Light Body is chemically designed to deliver remarkable, complete, and precise impressions every time. As soon as the material is set it becomes very hard, which means it captures and preserves outstanding precision in every detail without compressing or flexing.

Thanks to the immaculate elastic memory the ready impression can be kept for up to 30 days. DSI UltraSil Light Body has excellent flow characteristics under pressure which allows better surface coverage. DSI UltraSil Light Body ensures exceptional batch-to-batch consistency for predictable results every time.‍


• Do not compress or flex upon mounting
• Hydrophilic and thixotropic
• Flows very easily without any bubbles
• Dimensionally stable with the elastic recovery
• Tear-resistant
• Precise detail reproduction
• Outstanding flow characteristics for excellent surface coverage
• Superior precision and high-resolution detail reproduction
• Dual-port cartridge stops clogs and cross-contamination between the base and catalyst
• Easy handling and placement, Outstanding accuracy

US-LB50: DSI Ultrasil Light Body Impression Material 2x cartridge 50ml each

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