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DSI Ultrasil Bite

DSI Ultrasil Bite is a bite registration material and it is considered to be one of the best impression materials on the market thanks to its unique characteristics. It is a quick-setting, bite registration material based on vinyl polysiloxane addition-curing silicone with an extremely high final hardness (Shore-A 91).

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DSI Ultrasil Bite has perfect thixotropy flowing characteristics and has a light mousse consistency, and yet it is not slumping or running into the interdental area. This material can capture and keep great detail without compressing or flexing during model mounting, once it is set it becomes rock-hard. You can use DSI Ultrasil Bite with confidence in all dental impression techniques - dual-phase, monophase and double impression.

DSI Ultrasil Bite features two options for selection. There is a regular one with a Shore A 91 and working time of 20 seconds and a setting time of 30 seconds. The second one is Ultrasil Clear (transparent appearance) with a Shore 60 working time of 25 seconds and setting time of 60 seconds.

US-BR50: ultrasil bite 2 x cartridge 50ml each
US-CL: ultrasil biite clear 1 cartridge 50ml

DSI Ultrasil Bite can be trimmed with rotary instruments. The correct bite relationship can be easily checked intraorally. Thanks to the rapid cure time required for hardening, the material is comfortable for the patient, and the chance of distortion during the setting is reduced to a minimum. DSI Ultrasil Bite can be easily removed from the mouth. Ensures easy handling and maximum precision.


• Does not compress or flex upon mounting
• Fast and easy to trim
• Dual-port cartridge prevents clogs and cross-contamination between the base and catalyst
• Less expensive than the leading bite materials
• Comfortable operating time/setting time ratio
• Exceptional consistency
• Outstanding dimensional stability
• High final hardness
• Excellent tear resistance
• Non-sticky. Very smooth

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