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DSI Ultrasil Bite

The DSI Ultrasil Bite is a highly reliable bite registration material and is considered to be one of the best impression materials on the market. This quick-setting impression material comprises vinyl polysiloxane addition-curing silicone and its unique feature includes an incredibly high final hardness. The unique abilities of DSI Ultrasil Bite make it a great choice for dental impression techniques. With excellent thixotropy properties, this material has a light mousse consistency yet still stays well in place, even for interdental impressions. Furthermore, its excellent detail retention ensures that it does not compress or flex during model mounting and hardens once set. Dual-phase, monophase, and double impression techniques can confidently be used with DSI Ultrasil Bite.

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When it comes to DSI Ultrasil Bite, you have two types to choose from. The regular type has a Shore A 91 with 20 seconds of working time and 30 seconds of setting time. On the other hand, Ultrasil Clear is characterized by its transparent look and is equipped with a Shore 60 which requires 25 seconds for working and 60 seconds for setting.

Product Details

DSI Ultrasil Bite can be accurately trimmed with a rotary instrument. Intraorally, the bite registration can be quickly double-checked. Additionally, the hardening process is speedy and comfortable for the patient; reducing chances of distortion to an absolute minimum. Remarkably, this material is incredibly easy to remove from the mouth - guaranteeing efficient handling and maximum accuracy.

DSI Ultrasil Clear is a silicone-based hydrophilic material designed for dental impressions. It can be used for various conditions including crown and bridge, inlay and onlay, occlusal surface impressions as well as bite registration. This product offers impressive visibility due to its translucent property - allowing the practitioner to spot any voids or bubbles and quickly create light-cured temporaries. Compared to traditional methods such as putty, alginate, and vacuum splints, DSI UltraSil Clear provides far greater efficiency and accuracy.


• Comfortable operating time/setting time ratio.
• Exceptional consistency.
• Outstanding dimensional stability.
• High final hardness
• Amazing tear strength.
• Non-sticky. Very smooth.
• Precise results, maximum convenience
• Applied straight from the cartridge onto the occlusal surfaces
• Models could be discharged up to 3 weeks after impression taking.
• Easily trimmed with a rotary cutter.

US-BR50: Ultrasil bite regular 2x cartridge 50ml each
US-CL: Ultrasil bite clear 1 cartridge 50ml

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