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DSI DS-Cord Retraction Cord

DS-CORD is used for gingival retraction and prevention of gingival leakage during the preparation of the cavity in the cervical area. The Twist structure of the cord provides excellent characteristics with predictable results every time. DS-CORD is made of knitted loops that enlarge by contacting the saliva, in 3-8 minutes the cord gently retracts the gingiva from the tooth. This is done for much better visualization of the tooth's margins. The cord is made with outstanding quality and does not cause gingival bleeding and soft-tissue injury. It packs easily, remains in place, and thanks to the color it is visible in the sulcus and resists penetration by even the smallest packing instruments. DS-CORD can be used for any impression-taking.

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DS-CORD is ideal for tissue preparation, especially when the exact tooth impression is needed. The DS-CORD separates the gingival tissue from the preparation margins in order to get more visibility even on the intraoral scanner.

Product Details

DS-CORD flask equipped with a locking ball mechanism to keep the cord from returning to the flask. The spool prevents the tangling of the cord when removed. The blade on the top makes it easy to cut, and the ruler enables you to define the desired length with ease.‍

DS-CORD is Available in 3 options. The first one is a non-impregnated regular cord for patients with higher sensibility. The second one is impregnated with Aluminium-Chloride for a hemostatic effect and better bleeding control. And the third one is impregnated with Epinephrine.


• The unique twist structure provides excellent handling characteristics.
• Easy to pack, easy to use.
• A tight weave resists penetration.
• Hand-impregnated for consistent dosage per inch.
• High absorption properties.
• Easy detection in gingival sulcus.
• No separation of fibers when packing.
• The spool's full length is 285 cm (112 inches).
• Specially knitted cord made of the finest cotton
• Safe for moisture control, and does not cause gingival irritation.
• No fluorescent Whitening Agent.
• Comes with a cutting blade in the flask, so the cord can be easily cut.
• Designed with a ruler on the label to measure the required length.

CORD-00, CORD-0, CORD-1: non-impregnated DS-CORD #00 (thin), #0 (medium), #1 (thick).
ACORD-00, ACORD-0, ACORD-1: impregnated with aluminum chloride DS-CORD #00 (thin), #0 (medium), #1 (thick).
ECORD-00, ECORD-0, ECORD-1: impregnated with epinephrine DS-CORD #00 (thin), #0 (medium), #1 (thick).

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