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DSI Tracing Sticks

Ideal for extending borders on dental impression trays, DSI Tracing sticks offer excellent viscosity for capturing the full depth of the sulcus. Low-fusing in nature, these tracing sticks only require a working temperature of approximately 45°. Thus they remain an invaluable tool for dental professionals. Using DSI Tracing Sticks for dentate trays is an excellent way to address any areas where teeth have been extracted. Furthermore, this material provides a great solution for increasing the amount of lingual extension on a stock tray. Simply apply the tracing sticks to any under-extended sections and you will be getting a superior definition in sulcal depth as well as increased support for extensions.

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DSI Tracing Sticks is an impression material often incorporated into the process of creating complete dentures. Although this compound does not form the entire impression, it does aid in making a proper seal along the sulcus area for greater retention and accuracy. As such, it plays an important role in fabricating precise dentures.

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In the process of making complete dentures, it is very important to attain a proper retention level. DSI Tracing Sticks are proven to be incredibly reliable for this kind of job. There also has not yet been an effective substitute for recording accurate peripheral seals during the important step of creating a denture's border molding.

How to use:

For border extensions on impression trays:

• Remove the flange and tissue contact surface from the denture to a depth of 2-3 mm using steel burs or abrasive points.

• Soften the material over the soft flame and cover the relived surface of the denture with DSI Tracing Sticks.

• Place the softened, material on the impression tray and again soften it by passing it through hot water at (45 °C / 113 °F). Insert the prepared tray in the mouth with firm and even pressure, and hold for 2 min.

• Instruct the patient to perform muscle-trimming movements.

• Trim the excess material & apply adhesive to prepare a tray for the final impression.

For Rebasing procedure: The denture should be retained in the mouth for 1 day to allow a truly functional impression to be formed under normal chewing conditions.

Note: Advice patient to avoid hot drinks during this period.


• Hardens back to normal at the room temperature
• Hardens instantly when put in cold water
• Does not react with the impression compound, a special tray
• Can be cut using a BP Blade or any sharp instrument when it is hardened.
• The compound is thermoplastic, which means it can be softened by heating and becomes pliable for easy shaping and adaptation to the contours of oral tissues.
• It is easy to use and does not require any special equipment or skills.
• It can be softened in hot water or on a Bunsen burner, and shaped using fingers or modeling instruments.
• Has good flow properties, which means it can adapt well to the contours of oral tissues for accurate impression making.
• Good tear strength and elasticity

DS-TRACE: DSI Tracing Sticks 90 Gram - 10 sticks

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