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DSI Alginate

Alginate materials have been used in dentistry for decades. It is a reasonable and predictable material that can be used in prosthodontics, orthodontic models, and duplication of casts. Undeniably DSI alginate material is not the newest invention on the market, but it has been upgraded to a whole new level to meet the highest standards of modern market demands. DSI alginate is manufactured using a completely new formula. It undergoes the strictest quality tests to meet the exact needs of dental practitioners across the globe. DSI alginate is extra fast, cost-effective, incredibly smooth, and very easy to work with. If you are looking for universal alginate material, stop searching, you have already found one.

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One of the great benefits of DSI alginate is that it only requires 30 seconds to set, thus eliminating any gag reflex due to long periods of biting down on a dental tray. Not only is this material rapidly efficient and affordable, but also utilizing it means conserving both your and your patient's precious time in the chair.

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DSI alginate is a trusted, biocompatible, cost-effective impression material that you can use to safely create precise models of teeth and gums. It is easy to mix and use, and thanks to the special formula it does not scatter all over the place. Using DSI alginate you will avoid the unnecessary need for repeated impressions. DSI alginate is created to achieve the best results for optimal treatment and patient satisfaction.

Unlike many alginate materials on the market, DSI alginate texture is mellow and pleasing to the touch. It is made of ultra-fine alginate particles with significantly enhanced powder water affinity. It never crumbles and has a neutral taste, which is a very important benefit considering the fact that the patients need to hold it in their mouth. DSI alginate is highly elastic and tear-resistant which reduces the risk of the impression being torn while removing it from the patient’s mouth. It is highly accurate in capturing all the details and can reproduce up to 25 μm for better precision and reliability. DSI alginate has exquisite dimensional stability much higher than the market average. You can keep the impression for 5 days without any significant dimensional changes before the cast.


• Highly elastic and tear-resistant
• Highly accurate up to 25 μm
• Has exquisite dimensional stability much higher than the market average
• Extra fast, only 30 seconds setting time
• Cost-effective
• Very easy to work with
• Biocompatible, non alergic
• Dust free
• Can be used in prosthodontics, orthodontic models, and duplication of casts
• Manufactured using a completely new formula
• Mellow and smooth texture
• Ultra-fine alginate particles with significantly enhanced powder water affinity
• Non-splattery, do not crumble
• Has a neutral taste

DS-ALGI: Alginate powder 450g fast setting

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