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Nylon Sutures

The DSI Nylon Sutures or as it is also called polyamide sutures are crafted from a special polyamide polymer, which offers a unique set of attributes. These monofilament sutures and are smooth, soft and give excellent knot security, with superior elasticity. The excellent tensile strength and controlled elongation grants extremely low tissue reactivity. Nylon sutures are non-absorbable and create the ideal conditions for passage through tissue due to their remarkable physical properties. DSI Nylon Sutures are a great option when it comes to knot security and ease of removal. As they are not derived from any organic material there is no risk of inflammation or body irritations being caused by the suture itself.

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The DSI Nylon Monofilament Sutures are an ideal choice for many medical applications due to their infection-resistant properties and versatility. The absence of capillarity allows this suture to offer no support to bacterial growth and to offer high resistance to infection. They can be used for general closure, skin closures where they will not cause tissue adherence, dental implantology, extraction sockets, and plastic surgery.

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The smoothness of monofilament nylon sutures gives a great advantage for use in general surgery and even in orthopedic surgery. The blue color provides great visibility compared to other nylon sutures.

DSI Sutures are of the highest grade in terms of sterility and meet stringent "Grade A" sterilization standards. This process involves radiology techniques, as well as gamma-ray sterilization, which can take up to one month to complete without interruption. All sutures are licensed by CE and ISO and will come packaged with a double layer of sterile protection inside aluminum foil for an added level of security.

Crafted with careful attention to detail, DSI Suture needles are made from a 300-series surgical steel alloy. Meticulously designed to be as slim as possible without comprising strength, their laser-sharpened edges ensure that sutures can be successfully passed through tissue with minimal injury. Crafted with exceptional rigidity to avoid any bending, while ductility minimizes breaking. Incredibly stable in a needle holder and resilient against corrosion.

Each size comes in a box of 12 Individual sterile packs of 75 cm/ 30'' suture with pre-installed 19 mm reverse cut 3/8 circle atraumatic needle


• Crafted from a special polyamide polymer, which offers a unique set of attributes.
• Boasting superior elasticity, and unparalleled tensile strength.
• Extremely low tissue reactivity.
• Synthetic and non-absorbable.
• Secure knot and ease of removal.
• No risk of inflammation or antibody reaction.
• Outstanding infection-resistant properties and overall versatility and predictability.
• The blue color provides great visibility.

DS-NY20: Nylon Sutures USP 2/0
DS-NY30: Nylon Sutures USP 3/0
DS-NY40: Nylon Sutures USP 4/0
DS-NY50: Nylon Sutures USP 5/0
DS-NY60: Nylon Sutures USP 6/0

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