dsi post-extraction

Dressings are packed lightly into the extraction socket; it stops bleeding, forms a clot and provides immediate pain relief. The most common dressings are gelfoam, collagen plugs, gauze pads or dry socket paste.

DSI Sponge is uniformly cut gelatin foam. Non-allergenic and non-immunogenic. Absorbed biologically within 2-3 weeks.

Gelatin sponge of hemostatic action with the addition of 5% colloidal silver. Kills bacteria with a long-lasting effect. Iodoform-free.

A highly porous absorbable material used as a hemostatic and wound dressing in oral surgical procedures. Purified 100% bovine collagen type 1.

Alvo-G is an antiseptic, analgesic and hemostatic alveolar paste. Iodoform-free. Quick bleeding stoppage thanks to aminocaproic acid & fibers.

Alvo-G Pro with Propolis Socket filling material, made with the natural components (propolis & beeswax) with incorporated iodoform.

Quick and easy one step treatment. Antimicrobial action due to the presence of iodoform. Fibrous consistency – very easy to apply.

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